Office and Business Catering in Phoenix

Office and Business Catering in Phoenix

Recent times have shown how much we can miss our work family when we are not spending our weeks side by side with them. Help show your team how much you care about their presence at the office than with a corporate event complete with incredible food. Are you looking to supply your coworkers with an unbelievable meal? Do not leave them hanging with some boring microwaved entrée or fried food. Instead, be the office hero by using our office and business catering in Phoenix options available from Oakwood Fire Pizza.

Mobile and Budget-Friendly Prices

The best part of ordering with the business catering in Phoenix from Oakwood Fire Pizza is that our incredible food is made fresh from our mobile food truck right on site. This allows the food to be served fresh for each diner; no more cold meals for the last in line! Being mobile also lets us set up our services at the office or anywhere else you are taking your coworkers. This kind of service from other food truck vendors in the city may cost you “an arm and a leg,” but with Oakwood Fire Pizza your meal will be easy on the budget. Incredible service at a budget-friendly price is a combo you cannot beat!

More Than Just Pizza

You might be wondering: Can a simple food truck really be that great? Well, the answer is we are no simple food truck! Yes, Oakwood Fire Pizza has been named one of the best pizza food trucks in all of Phoenix, but that is not all we are. Our pizza pies feature the classics such as Pepperoni and unique twists you cannot find anywhere else. The Funghi is perfect for all mushroom lovers out there, while the Spicy Mario features your favorite meats all on one pizza pie. For each pizza, we start with our hand-tossed dough that is used to make the perfect ratio of crust. The house-made pizza sauce comes next that uses our unique blend of spices. Expect to find each pizza with the perfect amount of mozzarella cheese that is gooey with every bite. Each topping is fresh and never frozen so you will not be eating the equivalent of a frozen pizza. Our wood fire oven bakes everything to perfection making our pizzas have zero competition.

Mix up your meal with our Oak Wood Chop Salad or the Wedge to add some green to your meal with fresh greens and decadent toppings. Order the Wedge for a crunch with every bite that is filled with iceberg lettuce, smoked bacon, and blue cheese dressing. Finally, Caprese Skewers, Garden Tomato Bruschetta, and Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Dip are the perfect starters for your office meal. The Caprese skewers are a hand-held version of the classic Caprese salad, making it easy to eat. The bruschetta comes baked to perfection with toasted bread and decadent toppings. The spinach parmesan artichoke dip and crispy garlic bread are practically made for sharing, so make sure to include several orders! Don’t worry about the drinks, either, as we can supply your favorite canned soda and Italian soda station for the office. Each pizza and salad is created as an individual serving so your employees can enjoy their own personal meal without having to share a slice with someone. Wow, now that is a lot of options for your next corporate event!

Set Up Your Corporate Catering in Phoenix Service Today

You can start planning for the perfect company meal by contacting us today. Simply call 602-526-5493 or email to get started. If your company does not have space for our food truck to be on-site, you can simply ask for drop-off business catering in Phoenix services instead. This type of catering order lets our team prepare your food in advance and have it dropped off just in time for your corporate event. We guarantee the food will arrive hot and ready to eat so there is no need for reheating. The menu also features even more options such as pasta and much more than our food truck does not have space for. Think of this as a fancy version of delivery!

More Than a Food Truck

If you have any questions about our incredible office and corporate catering in Phoenix, simply give us a ring at the number listed above. We will make sure each meal is prepared to your expectations and those of your coworkers too. Oakwood Fire Pizza is ready to mix up your next office meal with some delicious pizza pies, or treat your work from home employees! Our catering services can host a variety of events such as birthdays, weddings, rehearsal dinners, and so much more. Learn more about us now!


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