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Delicious Work From Home Meals for Your Employees

Delicious Work From Home Meals for Your Employees

The world sure has changed a lot this year, especially with how we spend our workdays. Now, many employees across the Phoenix Valley have found their homes to be their workspace for the foreseeable future. Make sure you do not lose track of your lunch hour. Spend this time enjoying some delicious food with our weekly prepared meals that are perfect for those who are working from home. These work from home meals are easy to reheat again at your home and even easier to dig into.

Multiple Options for Your Work from Home Meals

At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, our customers have come to expect award-winning pizzas with fresh toppings that are made in-house daily. These pizzas use the hand-tossed dough, a house-made pizza sauce, and fresh toppings that are never frozen. Employees who work from home can easily order a whole pizza and save it throughout the week. Our menu includes a variety of pizza options including sides and salads that can easily make a whole meal. Popular pizzas on the menu include classic offerings such as pepperoni. Our more unique pizza pies include the Funghi topped off with cremini, portobello, and white truffle oil. If mushrooms are not your topping of choice, you may enjoy the Spicy Mario complete with pepperoni and spicy sausage—nice! Our two salad options include the Oak Wood Chop that is topped with aged provolone, pepperoni, and lemon vinaigrette among others. You can also try the Caprese Salad, which is just like a Caprese skewer, but in a bowl! All of these are perfect to enjoy fresh or as leftovers for your meals!

Our at-home catering also includes a variety of meal options that you would not typically find on our menu. We partner with our sister companies, Modern Tortilla and Aioli Burger, to provide an expansive menu like no other. Some classic meal options you can choose from your weekly meals include a variety of burgers, our BBQ pork bowl, tacos, and much more. Even better, these meals are perfectly portioned for you to enjoy for lunch, no food management required. Each meal is made with the high-quality ingredients you come to expect from Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Everything is gathered fresh and made by hand so you can expect the same qualify and flavor in every bite. We even offer some dessert options so you can satisfy that sweet tooth too! Ordering these meals has never been easier either. Simply fill out our weekly prepared meal order form that will have you pick and choose how many different meals of each variety you want. Delicious meals all at the touch of a button!

Get Your Meals Delivered or Pick-Up

You can easily obtain our work from home meals by having them delivered right to your house. This allows you to keep on working while not worrying about your food. Other at-home catering options include picking up the food directly from us to save on delivery costs. Either way, you can expect some delicious meals for your lunch when you work from home.

Oak Wood Fire Pizza Is Still Here

Don’t worry, just because 2020 has not been the kindest to restaurants does not mean Oak Wood Fire Pizza is going anywhere. While we now offer a variety of weekly prepared meals for you to choose from, we still offer all of our other popular services here in Phoenix. Our food truck will continue to be found all across the Phoenix Valley. Check out our calendar to see which upcoming live event can expect our wood fire oven baking up the best pizzas imaginable.

Another option that continues to win over our customers time and time again is our superb catering services. You can still plan for the perfect outdoor event that follows city mandates. When choosing the food for your special event, let our catering services take care of you. Smaller events held at your home can have your food order prepared in advance and delivered right to your door. The food will arrive hot and ready to eat. Larger events may require a more personalized touch. Our food truck can come set up at your special event to take orders directly from your guests. Each guest can order anything we offer on our expansive food truck menu. Let them order whenever they end up feeling hungry. Both of these catering services are still available for those who are in need!

More Delicious Food Your Way

As you can see, you have a variety of options when picking your work from home meals for lunch. Contact our restaurant today by calling 602-526-5493 or by emailing viviannad@oakwoodfirepizza.com to place your order. Let Oak Wood Fire Pizza help fuel your workday!


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