Looking for one of the best pizza Phoenix places for your next special event? Oakwood Fire Pizza is ready to serve up our incredible pizzas to you and your guests. We are an experienced food truck team that has been serving up our pizzas since 2018. While that may not seem like much time to be around, we more than make up for it with fresh ingredients and some of the best wood fire oven pizzas you can get. We hand toss our dough and top it with the freshest ingredients and sauce with every order. The house-made sauce brings out an incredible flavor you have to try to believe. Our pizzas then bake right in our wood fire oven that is transported to your event, allowing us to bake up a feast right in front of you. You do not have to worry about preparing the food yourself as our experienced staff can create a delicious pizza one after another for your guests. Best of all, we can pair your personal pizzas with fresh green salads and other sides, giving your guests the experience of eating the best pizza in ArizonaThere is no one better to service your next special event.

An Incredible Selection of Pizza

As mentioned, each pizza is made with love using only fresh ingredients and delicious house-made sauce. Guests at your special event can select any of our specialty pizzas. This includes the Spicy Mario, which features a spicy sausage that is absolutely delicious, or the Funghi, a mushroom lover’s dream pizza. If you prefer a classic pizza instead, you can always order up a pepperoni or cheese pizza that does not lack flavor.

Pizza is not everything on the menu either. Our fresh green salads are the perfect option for those looking to save on calories. Our Caprese Salad features tomato, mozzarella, basil, EVOO, and balsamic reduction. You can also try out the Oak Wood Chop salad that tosses in aged provolone, pepperoni, and a tasty lemon vinaigrette. Each salad option only uses the freshest greens and toppings for an incredibly tasty yet healthy treat for you to enjoy.

Add a hot and delicious skewer or side of bruschetta to your pizza for a full complete meal. The Caprese skewers are everything you expect on a Caprese salad such as fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes all topped with a balsamic reduction but on a stick. Our sides of bruschetta can be sweet like our fig and apple bruschetta or decadent with our garden tomato bruschetta. If you need something to share with others, you cannot go wrong with an order of crispy garlic bread or spinach artichoke parmesan dip. Keep an eye out or your friend or loved one will sneak the last bite of these incredibly delicious sides!

Do not forget about dessert! Our mini cannoli and tiramisu are unique versions of these classic Italian desserts.

Experience One of the Best Pizza Places in Arizona

But seeing is believing when it comes to our bold claims! If you still do not believe that Oakwood Fire Pizza has the best pizza Phoenix has to offer, simply take a look at our gallery of pictures below! Each of these mouthwatering meals was snapped on location, giving you an idea of how our food truck will be set up. We aim to please each and every guest of your event, making sure they enjoy their freshly baked pizza. You can even see the baking process of our pizza pies as they roast in our wood fire oven right on site. Click on the images below and see up close the best pizza Phoenix has to offer!



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