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Mobile Pizza Oven Catering in Phoenix for Essential Businesses

Mobile Pizza Oven Catering in Phoenix for Essential Businesses

The world has been flipped on its head, and recent restrictions have made it more difficult or even impossible to visit your favorite restaurants in person to enjoy some delicious food. Your employees are taking the stress of the world and can always use a freshly prepared meal offered by their boss. Essential businesses are still operating, so why not treat your employees to some delicious food from Oakwood Fire Pizza? Essential business catering is one simple way to show your employees how much they mean to you and the rest of the community. You can choose from two formats for our mobile pizza oven catering in Phoenix that each offers a delicious array of freshly prepared food.

Type of Mobile Pizza Oven Catering Phoenix Services to Pick From

Essential business catering is not just a one size fits all type of service. Instead, we provide a variety of ways for you to serve our delicious menu options for your essential business. For smaller orders, you may do well with our drop-off catering service. We can prepare your order in advance before we bring it right to your door. Each entrée will be hot and ready to eat just as you imagined it. Our drop-off catering menu features great options such as chicken piccata, penne & pesto, and much more! We will bring the food directly to you and your special event so you will not have to worry about the food situation.

Our food truck can also set up at your location and prepare each order as it is placed by your employees. Your employees can browse our incredible menu and let our staff know what they want to eat. The menu is expansive and features all kinds of pizza, salads, and more which you can read about below. This takes the pressure off everyone and lets them order whenever is convenient for them. Everyone will appreciate our fresh flavors when they order directly from our truck or get carry-out pizza!

Our Pizza and More

You might want to know what you are getting into with Oakwood Fire Pizza. Our pizza continues to win over patrons year after year in the Phoenix Valley. We serve up classic pizza pies such as pepperoni and even create unique pizzas that are exclusive to our food truck; try the Funghi, which is made with tons of mushrooms, or the Spicy Mario, with spicy meat on top of freshly baked cheese and sauce. We start each pizza with our hand-tossed dough that is made fresh. Next, we use our house-made sauce to cover the dough giving each pizza creation a unique, yet delicious flavor no other pizzeria can imitate. Finally, each pizza is topped off with the freshest toppings that make each pizza one of the best you have ever experienced.

We don’t just offer pizza though, as our menu features a variety of great Italian favorites your employees are sure to love, plus additional sides such as bruschetta and salads can help make it a full meal. Our Caprese skewers continue to be a fan favorite; they are essentially a Caprese salad on a skewer! The garden tomato bruschetta and fig and apple bruschetta boards are toasted bread topped with decadent toppings such as fig jam, balsamic reduction, mascarpone spread, and much more. Dinner is not all we can offer you and your employees, though. End your meal with a rich and delicious dessert such as our mini cannoli treats. Our unique spin on this classic Italian dessert is the perfect way to end your corporate event with mobile pizza oven catering in Phoenix. Do not forget the drinks such as bottled water or canned soda. We guarantee you will love everything we can provide you and your team for your special event. We use nothing but fresh ingredients and our sauce is even made in-house. Your employees will be raving about this catering order for years to come!

As we mentioned above, we can prepare even more dishes when you choose our mobile pizza oven catering in Phoenix. Our full kitchen allows us to prepare all kinds of dishes from pasta to chicken piccata. If you want to continue providing your employees incredible meals every week, make sure to check out our weekly prepared meal menu. We offer prepared meals that simply need to be heated up from the comfort of your home or office. These meals will help your employees appreciate all the kindness you are offering them during these difficult times we are all experiencing.

Setting Up Your Order Today

Getting your essential business catering or carryout pizza order ready is as simple as contacting Oakwood Fire Pizza. Start the order by calling 602-526-5493 or by emailing viviannad@oakwoodfirepizza.com. We will help take care of your catered meal so you can focus on your team and provide them the best event possible. Let us make your essential business meal the best one your team has tried yet!


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