The Best Tempe Food Trucks

The Best Tempe Food Trucks

If you have ever been to Tempe, Arizona you probably know how diverse and dynamic the foodie scene is in the city. With a wide range of flavors and cuisine to choose from it can be difficult to pick just one spot to grab your next meal. Grab some of the freshest ingredients for award-winning pizza pies from one of the best Tempe food trucks, Oakwood Fire Pizza. In terms of taste and quality, there is nothing better than our delicious and freshly prepared pizzas.

Best Pizzas in Tempe with Our Food Truck

With our wood fired crusts and freshly picked ingredients, you cannot go wrong with our pizzas. Just picking our food truck is only the beginning of your journey to delicious food in Tempe. When you taste a slice of our incredible pizza, you will be tasting a world of flavors like no other. The cheese and toppings for each slice are perfectly chosen to make the best pizza experience you could have ever imagined. It’s no wonder why Oakwood Fire Pizza is one of the best food trucks in Tempe.

Now you can indulge yourself in freshly grated cheese and handpicked toppings for the perfect pizza in Tempe. Think about selecting the Prosciutto with a blend of ricotta cheese, fig jam, arugula, honey, and fresh mozzarella. The classic Pepperoni pizza is the classic mixture of red sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni. We specialize in the Funghi, a unique blend found nowhere else in Tempe of cremini, portobello, white truffle oil, and arugula parmesan. With so many options there is no reason to look anywhere else for your favorite slice of pizza in Tempe.

For those looking to find a healthier alternative to pizza, our salads will satisfy your craving. Our Oak-Wood Chop salad is the perfect mixture of greens, pepperoni, aged provolone, pepperoncini, and vegetables for a delicious meal. Iceberg salad fans will love the Wedge, featuring crisp iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing, cherry tomatoes, smoked bacon, and more. Pair any meal with caprese skewers or garden tomato bruschetta to round out the perfect taste of our pizzas.

The Best Pizza Food Truck in Tempe

If you have ever wanted your favorite comfort food while in Tempe make sure to visit our food truck around the area. You can even schedule our incredible catering services for your next event by emailing or by calling 602-526-5493. You and your patrons will enjoy our deliciously handcrafted pizza that will make the most of event in Tempe.


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