Welcome to Oakwood Fire PizzaThe Best Food Trucks in Chandler AZ
The Best Food Trucks in Chandler AZ

The Best Food Trucks in Chandler AZ

Chandler has one of the most diverse food truck scenes in all of the Phoenix metropolitan area. With so much competition, we are happy to present some of the best pizza in the city. Whether it is for a special event such as weddings and office parties or if you are just catching us around town, we believe you will be presently surprised by the amazing menu we have. If you are in the mood for delicious pizza in Chandler, make sure to stop by Oakwood Fire Pizza, one of the best food trucks in Chandler AZ to enjoy pizza!

One of The Best Food Trucks in Chandler AZ

For the convenience of fast food but the taste of gourmet ingredients, look no further than Oakwood Fire Pizza during your next stop in Chandler. We prepare each item on the menu using only fresh ingredients, so you get a bite of flavor and authenticity every time.

Our menu starts off with gourmet-inspired pizzas that will have your mouth watering when you first smell the aroma. For each pizza, we start with hand-tossed dough that is made fresh every day. Next up we cover the dough in our house-made pizza sauce, with options for either red sauce or white sauce. Finally, each pizza is baked to perfection in our wood-fired oven, giving the crust the perfect crunch while the cheese and toppings melt in your mouth. We make sure to offer something on the menu for everyone. Classic favorites such as the Margherita Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza are perfect for even the pickiest of eaters. For the more daring pizza appetites, we suggest trying out our Spicy Mario. This incredible pizza is topped with fresh ingredients including pepperoni, spicy sausage, ricotta cheese, Calabrian chilis, mozzarella, and red sauce for one seriously delicious pie. The Funghi is a great option for mushroom lovers with cremini, portobello, white truffle oil, and arugula parmesan. Our food truck currently offers seven different pizza creations on the menu. Stick with your favorite slice or order something new during your next visit for a daring pizza time!

Pair any pizza with a salad, such as our Oak-Wood Chop salad with pepperoni and aged provolone, or the Wedge, with iceberg lettuce, Applewood smoked bacon and pickled red onions. Similar to our other items on the menu, you can expect our salads to use only fresh ingredients every time. Enjoy that crisp crunch with every bite you come to expect. There is no better way to throw a little green into your pizza meal. Any of our appetizers are another great way to enjoy Oakwood Fire Pizza. Start with our Caprese Skewers or Garden Tomato Bruschetta with each one featuring fresh mozzarella, vine ripe tomatoes, and balsamic reduction. The Caprese Skewer is essentially a Caprese salad but on a stick, making it even easier to eat. Other options include our delicious Fig & Apple Bruschetta and Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Dip. The Fig & Apple Bruschetta satisfies that sweet tooth with fig jam shaved granny smith apples and a mascarpone spread. Do you know what else will satisfy your sweet tooth? Dessert, of course! We whip up two different dessert options to help you end your incredible meal. Enjoy our miniature-sized cannoli that uses a dreamy chocolate chip mascarpone. Or go with the Italian classic tiramisu featuring ladyfingers soaked in espresso and cocoa powder before being topped off with a mascarpone. Each dessert is the perfect size to go at it alone or share it with a loved one.

With so many options, it is clear to see why Oakwood Fire Pizza continues to be one of the best restaurants in Chandler. Choose us for your next special event or simply catch us in the area for a great dining experience!

Catering Services from Oakwood Fire Pizza

If you are looking for our catering services to be available at your next special event, make sure to send us a quick email at ViviannaD@OakWoodFirePizza.com or call 602-526-5493. We make sure we can take care of any event you throw our way. Our food truck can come set up directly at your event, allowing your guests the experience of placing an order directly to us. This is perfect for outdoor events that have enough space for the truck. If you already know what your guests want, you can also set up a prepared order. We cook up the food in advance and deliver it right to your event hot and ready to eat. Larger and indoor events can take advantage of this popular option. Prepared catering orders can also choose from additional items not found on our food truck menus such as lasagna bakes and pasta bars. Your guests will enjoy the best food truck in Chandler so you can rest easy.


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