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Menu Spotlight: Wedge Salad

Menu Spotlight: Wedge Salad

When you think of Oakwood Fire Pizza, you may immediately start thinking about our rich and freshly prepared pizza dishes; we wouldn’t blame you if you did! We have made it our goal to always serve up a delicious pizza with fresh toppings. Of course, we would not have gotten to where we are today without having other options on the menu. We understand that not everyone in your party may be craving pizza upon ordering. When that is the case, you will be glad to learn that we also offer a vast selection of starters, salads, and desserts. Take a look at why we think our salad choices, in particular the Wedge Salad, deserve a glance:

Consider a Food Truck Salad

You may not even want to think about salads when visiting Oak Wood Fire Pizza, but there are a number of reasons you or someone in your party might want a different option. We understand some guests wish to watch their diet or add fresh vegetables to their dinner choices. A salad is a great way at fulfilling both of those requirements. At Oakwood Fire Pizza, we offer two types of food truck salads, including our popular Wedge Salad.

Order the Wedge Salad

At Oakwood Fire Pizza, we use nothing but fresh ingredients that are never frozen. That includes the ingredients used in our Wedge Salad, which is similar to your typical wedge salad but features the flair our guests have come to love from Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Our Wedge Salad is for crunch lovers everywhere as it features fresh iceberg lettuce. In addition, the Wedge Salad is topped off with a rich blue cheese dressing, cherry tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, English cucumbers, and pickled red onions. Every topping is incredibly fresh and juicy. Expect this combination of ingredients to bring about the best tasting salad you have ever experienced!

Make It a Meal

Our Wedge Salad is perfect on its own or as an appetizer for the full course. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we offer a variety of offerings that are sure to satisfy any Italian craving you have. Our favorite way is to start with a salad before digging into one of our pizzas. We offer classic pizza pies such as pepperoni and cheese. More adventurous offerings such as the Spicy Mario topped off with spicy sausage and chilis are just as delicious too. Each pizza is made with hand-tossed dough, house-made sauce, and fresh toppings that are never frozen. Yum!

Of course, our offerings are not just pizza alone. You can find plenty more on the menu to create your perfect meal paired alongside our Wedge Salad. Ask for an order or two of our delicious Caprese skewers that feature fresh mozzarella, basil, and vine ripe tomato. You can also order one of our bruschetta options that feature decadent toppings on top of toasted bread. Our food truck has a variety of drinks and dessert options just waiting for you too! We make sure every customer leaves full and satisfied whenever they stop by Oak Wood Fire Pizza.

No Better Time for Catering

Visiting our food truck across the Phoenix Valley is one great way to find our Wedge Salad and everything else we offer on the menu. If you are looking to host a special event, do not settle for big-box pizza companies; instead, let Oak Wood Fire Pizza serve your special occasion with incredible food and service. There are two ways to get our incredible food catered to you. First off is by having our service team prepare your order in advance and drop it off right at your event. This is great for smaller events where you may have been considering a delivery order from somewhere close by. Our food is prepared just the way you order it and comes hot and ready to it. Another way to order our catering service is by having our food truck come out to you. Our food truck will set up shop and let your guests come to order whenever they get hungry. This is perfect for outdoor or larger events that have the space for our food truck. Events we often cater for include weddings, rehearsals, birthdays, and so much more. Let our catering service take care of you!

Time to Order Oakwood Fire Pizza

Now that you have an idea on what else you can order it is time for you to visit Oakwood Fire Pizza. Our food truck can be found around the Phoenix Valley for all kinds of special events. You can also order our catering services when hosting an event. These catering services can include all menu options such as the Wedge Salad and other food truck salads. There is no wrong way to enjoy Oak Wood Fire Pizza, so don’t judge those who order a salad; instead, enjoy one for yourself!


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