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Menu Spotlight: Oak Wood Chop Salad

Menu Spotlight: Oak Wood Chop Salad

Let’s face it, pizza will always be the number one guilty pleasure for meals. Nothing can beat the award-winning combo of hand-tossed dough, fresh homemade sauce, decadent cheese, and the freshest toppings. While we all love cheese, there are those who wish to eat on the healthier side, whether it is to save on some calories or they have a food intolerance. If you fit into that category, you can still dine right with Oak Wood Fire Pizza with our Oak Wood Chop salad. This customer-favorite is sure to add a kick of flavor that your next meal needs.

Fresh Toppings Every Time with our Food Truck Sides

No matter what you order from Oak Wood Fire Pizza, you will be getting an entrée or food truck side that uses fresh ingredients or toppings every time. This includes our popular Oak Wood Chop salad that uses fresh vegetables for the crunch and flavor you have come to expect from us. Each ingredient is fresh, never frozen, ensuring your meal will be flavorful as well as enjoyable to eat.

What Makes Our Chopped Salad Special

Like other chopped salads, our Oak Wood Chop salad features a mixture of greens, vegetables, and protein all chopped up and thrown together. The presentation of a chopped salad is just as important as the ingredients themselves. We started our chopped salad with a healthy mix of greens that are tossed in a lemon vinaigrette dressing. Next, we add our authentic Italian pepperoni to give the salad some protein and a tasty bite. Finally, we add a hefty dose of aged provolone cheese, pepperoncini, vine ripe tomatoes, and English cucumber for a magical experience in a salad. As mentioned, we chop all the ingredients up, making it easy on the eyes and even easier to eat. Our Oak Wood Chop salad is the perfect entrée for those looking to save on the calories while still indulging their taste buds with something delightful.

Only Oak Wood Fire Pizza

If you need some delicious Italian food in your immediate future, look no further than Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Our entrees including the popular Oak Wood Chop salad are the perfect way to satisfy any cravings with entrees made with fresh ingredients every time. Get a hold of this salad or any of our other food truck sides during one of the many excursions our food truck makes in the city or add it to your next catering order when celebrating a special occasion!


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