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Menu Spotlight: Pepperoni Pizza

Menu Spotlight: Pepperoni Pizza

Have you ever gone out with a friend to dinner and been embarrassed when they ask for the specialty meal of the day or anything else not on the regular menu? Sure, we all like to feel special when having our well-deserved dinner, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking with a classic Pepperoni Pizza in Phoenix. That is how we feel at Oakwood Fire Pizza. While we serve up original creations only available from our food truck, we also continue baking up classic pizzas such as the timeless Pepperoni Pizza.

Can’t Beat the King

When someone asks what kind of pizza everyone wants, pepperoni is going to be the top overall choice. Our Pepperoni pizza in Phoenix continues to be a classic pizza pie that all pizza lovers just cannot get enough of, and we totally get it. While other pizza companies might use sauce from a can and frozen pizza crust, we start everything from scratch. Each pepperoni pizza starts with hand-tossed dough and our signature homemade red sauce. The mozzarella then gets piled on for plenty of cheese to compliment the final topping: hearty pepperoni slices. It does not get more real than this classic pizza and our made from scratch ingredients.

Throw in Some Add-Ons

Our pizzas are the perfect size where you can enjoy one all on your own. If you are dining with friends or family, why not mix up a variety of options on the menu for a full meal? Our menu features plenty to order besides just pizza. In addition, you will find our fresh salads that use crispy and leafy toppings for a healthy treat. Try the Wedge Salad with iceberg lettuce, applewood smoked bacon and a rich blue cheese dressing. Or order the Oak Wood Chop that features aged provolone, pepperoni, and our house-made lemon vinaigrette. Whoever said you cannot have your pizza and a daily dose of veggies all in one go?

Our additions to the menu keep on increasing the flavor. Try out our bruschetta options that feature decadent toppings and toasted bread. The Garden Tomato Bruschetta is your Caprese salad on toasted bread; think of fresh mozzarella, vine ripe tomato, fresh basil, garlic, and a balsamic reduction. Sweet tooth lovers out there will get a kick out of the Fig & Apple Bruschetta that comes complete with shaved granny smith apple, fig jam, and a tasty mascarpone spread. Make sure to snack on a starter as your pizza is cooking. The crispy garlic bread and spinach artichoke parmesan dip are some great items with which to kick your hunger into overdrive.

Try Out Our Catering Services

You will find all of this on our food truck menu located around the Phoenix Valley. If you wish to have our incredible food at your next special event, all you have to do is place a catering order. Our service team has catered to a variety of events around the Phoenix Valley including birthdays, weddings, rehearsals, and much more. Our team can prepare your order in advance and have it delivered right to you ready to eat. This takes the pain of scheduling food for any size of event! Another great way to get our catering service is by scheduling to have our food truck come out to you. If you have plenty of space outdoors, you can have our popular food truck make each entrée for your guests there. This is an exciting way for your guests to remember your special day. No matter what you need for your catering order Oak Wood Fire Pizza will make sure your food is truly memorable.

Grab It Now

Our pepperoni pizza is available any time you find us in the Phoenix Valley at a local pop-up or during any scheduled catering service. Come see why our pepperoni pizza cannot be beaten by trying it for yourself!


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