Menu Spotlight: Caprese Skewers

Menu Spotlight: Caprese Skewers

When our customers come knocking on the food truck door in a hungry manner, they are often looking for our award-winning pizza pies. While we will never stop encouraging our patrons to enjoy this classic meal of sauce, crust, and cheese, we also think you might like what else is on the menu. At Oakwood Fire Pizza, we offer more than just pizza on our food catering Phoenix menu; we also offer side items that are just mesmerizing, including our Caprese Skewers.

Caprese Skewers: Salad on a Stick

If you have gone to any Italian restaurant, you have probably started your meal off with a Caprese salad. This common appetizer features thick slices of mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves, and tomato slices, all covered in salt, pepper, and olive oil. We would be crazy to change up this classic formula that is an Italian staple. But at Oakwood Fire Pizza, we are known for turning delicious food up on its head, so we threw this incredible combo onto a skewer, making it just as delicious, yet even easier to eat. Don’t just take our word from it; make sure to order the Caprese Skewers anytime you find our food truck out and about!

Create Your Next Custom Meal

Starting with our caprese skewers is the perfect way to have a solid meal from Oak Wood Fire Pizza. As the name suggests, our pizzas are baked to perfection in our wood fire oven. By pairing our skewers with a pizza or two, you can enjoy a complete meal. Try out our Spicy Mario, a delicious pizza featuring spicy sausage and peppers. The Funghi gets a little interesting with an abundance of mushrooms topping our fresh dough. You can also keep it classic with a pepperoni and cheese pizza; we promise we won’t judge you! Last but certainly not least is our incredible selection of tasty desserts, including the mini cannoli and tiramisu. These classic Italian treats are given our signature Oak Wood Fire Pizza twist for dessert like no other.

More Ways to Order Your Skewers and Pizza

Getting your hands on our delicious caprese skewers has become easier than ever. You can order this delicious starter anytime you come across our food truck out in the Phoenix Valley. We are often set up at exciting events such as food truck festivals each year. Once you do find the truck, simply order this incredible starter or add on a pizza for a full meal.

If you are looking to serve up a group of people, our catering service may be just what you need. Our catering service is able to serve most Phoenix Valley neighborhoods and is available in a variety of ways. Select our food truck catering service that is perfect for events such as weddings and corporate parties. We can bring our food truck and set it up at the event itself. This allows our team to take orders from your guests when they are ready to eat. We can then create each order from scratch and have it made fresh every time. If you do not have the room for our food truck, our drop off catering service may be perfect for you. This type of catering allows us to prepare your catering order and have it delivered right to you.

More Than Just a Food Truck

Our food truck can easily be found out in the Phoenix valley and also serving private parties through our extensive food catering Phoenix services. Make sure you start any meal at Oakwood Fire Pizza with our delicious Caprese Skewers before tucking into your favorite pizza pie.


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