Full-Service Catering

Full-Service Catering

There are times when a self-serving catering service may be adequate, but truly momentous occasions call for full-service catering. We understand that the Phoenix Valley has a plethora of catering options for you to choose from. While each of these service companies offers something great, they cannot compare to the dedication and award-winning food provided by Oakwood Fire Pizza. If you need a little extra help ensuring your guests are provided an incredible meal, you can rely on us! Let us serve you during your next big event with Oakwood Fire Pizza. Whether it is for a birthday party, golden anniversary, bar mitzvah, or even a wedding, we can be there serving up freshly prepared pizza pies. Our wood fired pizza catering trailer will make your next big event one to remember.

The Best Full-Service Catering

When needing a full-service catering option for your event, you deserve to be the star of your own show. Let us take care of the necessary background work such as preparing a gourmet feast for your guests. Our service is just the start to an incredible evening you will have. With our pizza as the center for your big event’s meal, your guests will be glad they came. We offer classic pizzas that picky eaters cannot say no to and unique creations that are perfect for the more adventurous. We have one of the best wood fired oven pizza restaurants in Phoenix! Each pizza starts with fresh ingredients and toppings. In fact, the sauce is made from scratch and the dough is rolled fresh so you know the pizzas will be worth the effort. Enjoy pizzas such as our Spicy Mario that features spicy sausage and Calabrian chiles. The Prosciutto is the perfect mix of honey, fig jam, and arugula for a sweeter pizza. If you are a pesto fan, the Italian Flag will be calling your name all night. If that sounds a little too adventurous for the picky eaters, you can always just order up a pile of pepperoni pizzas to satisfy their craving! You will not be able to find another wood fired pizza oven catering service that can compare to the dedication our employees will provide you to and your guests. If this combination of hard work and incredible food sound like the perfect fit for your next event, make sure you contact Oakwood Fire Pizza. Take a look at what food options are included for our catering service:

Gourmet Salads with Your Pizza

Feel a little bit healthier when you choose one of our side salads to pair with your pizza. With our services you can choose from the decadent Oak-Wood Chop and Wedge salads from our wood fired pizza catering trailer. The Oak-Wood is a mix of greens, pepperoni, aged provolone, and lemon vinaigrette that will leave your guests mouths watering. The Wedge is a classic mixed with blue cheese dressing, cherry tomatoes, Applewood smoked bacon, and more.

More Items to Choose From

The name Oakwood Fire Pizza suggests that we offer some of the best wood fire oven pizzas (yes, it’s true!), but we also offer plenty more on our menu. Additional items that can be added to any catering order include our delicious skewers and bruschetta bread. The caprese skewers use vine ripe tomato, fresh basil and mozzarella, and balsamic reduction for a delicious treat. The bruschetta options have enough for everyone to choose from. The garden tomato bruschetta has all the toppings from the caprese skewers but on perfectly baked bread. The fig and apple bruschetta is sweeter, with fig jam, granny smith apple, and mascarpone spread. Finally, the spinach and artichoke parmesan dip is the perfect appetizer to share with tablemates. No meal will be complete without our bottled sodas and lemonades to help wash it all down. Your special occasion will be one to stand above the rest with these delicious options!

Time for Dessert

Last but certainly not least is the need for dessert to end your incredible catered event. At Oakwood Fire Pizza, you can add on a tasty treat to help end your evening with. Our dessert options include the ever-popular mini cannoli and tiramisu. Both of these dessert options are classic Italian sweets that use fresh ingredients. The mini cannolo is a treat with the chocolate chip mascarpone. The tiramisu gets a little crazy with mascarpone, espresso, and cocoa powder all on coffee-dipped lady fingers. We dare you to find someone at your event who does not like these incredible desserts!

Visit Our Wood Fired Oven Pizza Catering Trailer

When a special occasion comes around that is worth celebrating, make your event one to remember by booking our full-service catering. Oakwood Fire Pizza can help your next event with our full-service catering and many other options available. Our food truck can come to you or drop off the meals you request. Simply email us at viviannad@oakwoodfirepizza.com or give us a call. We love to serve all special events, and offer at-home catering for those working or taking classes from home!


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