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Menu Spotlight: The Best Tiramisu in Phoenix

Menu Spotlight: The Best Tiramisu in Phoenix

If you know anything about Oakwood Fire Pizza, you know pizza is what we continue to sling day after day in the Phoenix Valley. It all started with our first food truck and we’ve now blossomed into one of the area’s most popular pizza entrepreneurs. However, pizza is not the sole thing on our menu. You can now find a variety of delicious food truck desserts when you choose Oakwood Fire Pizza. This includes rich and decadent desserts that are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth or keep you cool during the hot summer days of Phoenix. One of our most popular dessert options is the tiramisu. This classic Italian treat is everything you love about dessert and available wherever we serve the community. If you are wondering why a food truck would serve up tiramisu, you clearly don’t know that Oak Wood Fire Pizza makes it our business to change the game! Take a look at why we think this dessert is exactly what you are looking for in a sweet treat:

A Delicious Treat

Tiramisu has been a staple of Italian desserts for generations. It has been a favorite for generations for good reason. Tiramisu is known for its coffee flavor and creamy toppings that blend together for the perfect treat. You can go to most Italian restaurants and find it right on the menu. However, these restaurants fully expect you to enjoy a meal from appetizer to entrée before you indulge yourself in a sweet treat. That is where our food truck comes in, making it easy to order dessert whenever you want it. We now bring this classic treat to our customers wherever our food truck can be found. If you have never tried tiramisu, you are in for quite the treat. Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored dessert that is created by dipping ladyfingers in coffee. For the unaware, ladyfingers are a sponge-like biscuit that easily soaks up liquid such as our decadent espresso. Each tiramisu is prepared in advance so you can enjoy it right after ordering. Our tiramisu is then topped off with mascarpone cheese and cocoa. Mascarpone is the Italian version of cream cheese and is even more delicious than the regular variety. This is a luscious treat that anyone with a sweet tooth will not want to pass up, easily one of the best Tiramisu in Phoenix.

Where to Order the Best Tiramisu in Phoenix

You can order our tiramisu dessert wherever our food truck can be found in Phoenix. Our calendar is always up to date with upcoming events and happenings where our food truck often frequents. We also set up special food events across the Phoenix Valley such as festivals found in Scottsdale, Chandler, and Phoenix. Our food truck is always busy making sure you have plenty of activities to keep you satisfied with our delicious food. Additionally, our dessert items are also available when you choose our catering services for your next special event. By catering to your special event you can avoid having to cook for dozens of people on your own and enjoy our delicious creations. Have our food truck come right to you and cook up delicious pizza and other treats right at your event. We can also prepare all food for your event the day of and deliver right to your door. Adding a few dessert options to your order will ensure your guests enjoy their meal from start to finish at your party. There is simply no wrong way to enjoy Oakwood Fire Pizza and its food truck desserts. Do not miss out on our delicious tiramisu the next time you dine with us!

More Than Tiramisu

Our dessert menu includes more than just the amazing tiramisu. After you have tried our delicious tiramisu, make sure you try out the equally delicious mini cannoli featured on the menu as well. This chocolate chip mascarpone uses only fresh ingredients for a sweet treat that will blow your senses away. Each of our dessert options is the perfect size to have one your own or split with a loved one. We might be known for our unbelievable pizza that is hand-tossed and made to order, but our dessert game is changing up the Phoenix landscape!

Reach Out with Questions

For any additional information on the best tiramisu in Phoenix or any other menu item, make sure to reach out to us directly. We can add our dessert options to any of your catering orders to ensure your guests satisfy their sweet tooth. Give us a call at 602-526-5493 or email viviannad@oakwoodfirepizza.com. While you are at it, we will help you find the next time Oakwood Fire Pizza will be in your neighborhood!


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