At Home Catering Services for At Home Students

At Home Catering Services for At Home Students

If you are like most, you have experienced some significant changes this year due to COVID-19. Most parents have had to change their work schedules by working from home. Students were hit especially hard, with most schools having to shut down for extended periods of time. If your kids are attending schools online from home, they will need lunch options to get them through the week. Sure, you could order some bland food, but why put them through that? Instead, grab some of our award-winning at-home catering services from Oak Wood Fire Pizza for an incredible lunch experience.

Pizza and More

Our freshly prepared pizza has been a local favorite for years now. Patrons return time after time, not just because of the awards we have collected but because of how we prepare our delicious pizzas. Each pizza pie is prepared with hand-tossed dough, house-made pizza sauce, and some of the freshest toppings you can find. We offer several different options too, from classic pizzas such as pepperoni to more adventurous options such as the Spicy Mario. This customer-favorite uses a variety of spicy meats to offer a flavor in every bite. Additional pizza options include the Funghi with various mushrooms or the Prosciutto with fig jam, ricotta cheese, arugula, and honey. Now that is a lot of pizza varieties to choose from!

That’s not all—our regular menu also features tasty sides such as bruschetta bread and leafy green salads. Each salad variety including our Oak Wood Chop and Caprese Salad uses fresh veggies that are never frozen. The salad dressings are made in-house so you know they will be absolutely full of flavor. The same goes for our bruschetta bread; expect toasted bread topped off with delicious toppings like shaved granny smith apple or fresh mozzarella and basil. Yum! We also partner with our sister companies Modern Tortilla and Aioli Burger to offer a ton of other options that your kids will absolutely love. Enjoy some of our tasty burgers such as our California burger or some nachos. Each burger can easily be paired with a side of golden fries or sweet potato fries to make a whole meal. Just like the at-home catering services we offer at Oak Wood Fire Pizza, our sister companies pride themselves in using only fresh ingredients for each entrée. We have a variety of options on our weekly prepared meal list that your kids will love to dig into. These meals just need to be heated up for them to be enjoyed. That is easy enough for any child to prepare their own lunch while having school at home.

How to Get Your At Home Catering

With our weekly prepared meals, you can order as much as you need for the week in advance. These weekly prepared meals can be ordered through our easy-to-use ordering form. We can then deliver your catering in Arizona straight to you or you can pick them up. This allows you to save your valuable time without having to worry about meals for the week. 2020 may have been the longest year we have dealt with, but it has at least brought you plenty more ways to keep your family fed with ease!

Regular Services Still Available

The addition of our weekly prepared meals was not an option we had initially planned on when 2020 first started. Luckily, our talented team was able to come together to provide for our Phoenix patrons across the valley. In addition to our weekly prepared meals, we continue to offer all of our typical services. This includes our food truck being available at different locations around Phoenix. Our food truck has a full menu that includes our popular pizzas and sides. Take your kids out for a much-needed break from home and show them the wonders of our delicious food truck.

If you are in need of additional services at home, we offer a variety of catering services here in Phoenix too. Our at-home catering services services are the perfect option for those who are planning a special event. If you are hosting an outdoor party, let our catering services prepare the food in advance. You will not have to worry about the food as we deliver it hot and ready to eat. For bigger events, we can even have our food truck come straight to you. This is the perfect option for those who are looking to feed a large group of people safely.

Oak Wood Fire Pizza Is Ready

We understand how hard it is to prepare a week’s worth of meals for your kids while they are at home. Let our delicious meals help make it easier for you at home so your kids can continue focusing on their education. Simply call 602-526-5493 or email to get started.


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