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Mesa Catering Services

Mesa Catering Services

The Phoenix Valley is a huge place, and there are many catering services available to you. If you’re throwing a party in Mesa, Oakwood Fire Pizza is standing by ready to help plan for your next big event. We offer a variety of catering options that can be available for you when you sign up for our full Mesa catering services!

Allow Us to Take Away Some Stress

Hosting a special event can be a difficult procedure. So much goes into one event that many people do not think about. Providing a meal is one of the difficult parts of an event when considering what your guests like if they have allergies and other concerns. By choosing our full-service Mesa catering option, you can take away all that stress. Our full-service catering provides the handmade pizzas that Oakwood Fire Pizza is known for along with serving to your guests. We make sure your meal will be delicious by creating our dough and sauce from scratch for every pizza. Each pizza pie is baked in our wood fire oven and served directly to your guests fresh. Guests can choose from classics like the pepperoni pizza or get adventurous with the Funghi, our delicious pizza topped with fresh mushrooms and vegetables. There is no bad choice, and your guests will be able to decide what it is they want to eat, rather than picking from one or two rigid options.

Our Mesa Catering Services are More Than Just Pizza

Any special event meal needs a full range of entrees and sides to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Pair your guests’ meals with leafy green salads that use fresh ingredients. Additional sides include our hot and fresh skewers or the decadent bruschetta bread. Finally, we offer a variety of prepackaged drink options that can be included in your service plan. By combing the food, drinks, and direct service for your event, you can focus on everything else that is calling your attention. Now that is some full-service Mesa catering done right!

Your Next Mesa Event is Waiting

Now is the perfect time to finish planning your next Mesa event. Our food truck can come directly to you in Mesa and prepare our fresh pizza on site. Your guests will remember this special event for years to come after they have dined on the best pizza in the Phoenix Valley. Get started today by emailing us at viviannad@oakwoodfirepizza.com for details.


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