Phoenix Weddings Catering

Phoenix Weddings Catering

Have you ever attended a wedding where the event started off great, but then you were served a cold plate of subpar food? We have all been there and understand how difficult it can be to serve hundreds of guests under one roof. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we pride ourselves in supplying fresh wood fire pizzas to a variety of events, including weddings. Here is what our Phoenix wedding catering services can offer you:

A Better Meal for Your Guests

One of the most memorable parts of any wedding is the food. Not to take anything away from the blushing bride, but many guests’ favorite part of attending a wedding is enjoying the accompanying meal, so make sure each guest leaves full and satisfied! Our food truck menu includes something for everyone. Obviously, being a mobile pizza food truck, we are known for our delicious pizza pies. We supply classic pies like pepperoni and cheese but also specialty pies available only from Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Our customers rave about the Italian Flag with pesto and roasted tomatoes. Or order up the Prosciutto with delicious fig jam, arugula, and ricotta cheese. The Funghi has a decadent amount of fresh mushrooms that any mushroom lover will marvel at. Of course, we all know there are picky eaters out there, so ordering a stack of pepperoni pizzas is never a bad option as well.

The menu does not stop there, as our menu also includes fresh garden salads like the Wedge and Oak Wood Chop. The Wedge is an incredible combination of blue cheese dressing and fresh toppings. The Oak Wood Chop uses a special lemon vinaigrette found nowhere else. You can even start off your meal by adding the Caprese skewers to your order. This tasty skewer includes fresh mozzarella, basil, and a balsamic reduction. Take a look at the two bruschetta options on the menu as well. Our garden tomato bruschetta is basically the skewer but on freshly baked bruschetta bread. Your second choice is the just as delicious fig and apple bruschetta. This sweet bruschetta uses fig jam and mascarpone spread along with granny smith apples.

Don’t forget dessert, as our Mini Cannoli and Tiramisu will satisfy any sweet tooth. These incredible treats are inspired by classic Italian desserts but with the Oak Wood Fire Pizza twist. The tiramisu soaks our ladyfingers in coffee before being topped off with cocoa powder, espresso, and a mascarpone spread. The mini cannolo is a small-sized treat using chocolate chip mascarpone. That now all of that combined sounds like one incredible meal your guests will remember for years!

Multiple Options for Your Event

So, your big day is finally here, and you are anxiously waiting for your wedding to begin. Having delicious food is one great way to ensure your wedding is one to be remembered. We make sure we can supply our delicious food to weddings of any size. If you are hosting a smaller engagement, we can easily prepare the food fresh for each guest at your event. Even bigger events can benefit from our mobile food truck setting up shop right there. We can prepare each item as it is ordered, making sure your guests each receive the freshest food possible. Another popular option is letting us prepare the food right before your event starts and bring it directly to you. Even though the food is prepared in advance it will still be hot and ready to eat by your guests. Let us serve up our delicious pizza and sides any way you like it!

Budget-Friendly Options

Planning for a wedding can be an expensive engagement. Our Phoenix wedding catering services are budget-friendly, making it easy on the wallet to prepare dinner for your guests. We want to ensure all of our customers can utilize our catering service without breaking the bank. If you want to save a bit of money on your wedding while not skimping on taste, make sure to choose Oakwood Fire Pizza for your Phoenix wedding catering. Give us a call at 602-526-5493 or email us at to set up your order.

Your Wedding Catering in Phoenix Service Covered

Let us take care of your meal on your special day with our wedding catering in Phoenix. We will make sure your guests leave satisfied with their meal, letting you focus on more important things like the ceremony! Check out our gallery today!

Many More Catering Services to Help You

If you end up falling in love with our wedding catering service like most do you will be happy to hear we assist all kinds of events. Oakwood Fire Pizza can help you cook up some delicious pizza for all kinds of events including birthdays, bar mitzvahs, wedding showers, and so much more. Each catering service can be customized to your need and is as easy to set up as our wedding catering service. Each of our catering services is available to anyone in the areas of Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix. Contact us today!


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