Mesa Weddings Catering

Mesa Weddings Catering

A wonderful event such as a wedding deserves a catering service to match the festivities. We understand that getting your wedding planned can be a highly stressful situation. Every wedding requires a variety of details to be planned in advance to satisfy the high expectations for your special day. Instead of worrying about the food for your wedding, why not choose Oak Wood Fire Pizza to take care of the meal? Our wedding catering services are available all across the Phoenix Valley, including Mesa! That’s right, you can now get the award-winning pizza we serve at your wedding in Mesa. Each wedding catering service starts with our fresh ingredients to make sure your wedding is an event to remember for years to come.

Type of Weddings Catering Available

There is no one type of catering service found at Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Instead, you will find a service that is flexible to your needs. If you are hosting a large wedding, you may do best with our drop-off catering service. We can prepare your entrees in advance and bring them straight to your wedding in Mesa. This is a great way to ensure your guests do not go hungry waiting for their individual orders to be created. Even better, this type of catering service allows you to choose from more than just our food truck menu. For smaller events, we can set up a shop right outside your doors. Our pizza truck will come to you allowing us to prepare each pizza as ordered on site. Each pizza is prepared as an individual serving so everyone can order what they want! This is perfect for wedding with an outdoor area that can fit the food truck. The entire food truck menu will be available, including our variety of delicious pizzas that put us on the map.

What to Eat

With a name like Oak Wood Fire Pizza, you better believe we have pizza on the menu! Our pizza has made quite the name for itself across the Phoenix Valley since we first opened. Our wedding Mesa catering service includes all the delicious pizzas on our menu and more. To begin, we hand toss our dough to make the perfect crust. You will find a crunchy yet gooey bite every time after it has been baked in the wood fire oven. Each pizza also comes covered in our delicious house sauce that is made with a unique blend of spices. Last but not least, we cover each pizza with a variety of cheeses and fresh toppings for the perfect bite.

Stick with a classic like a pepperoni pizza or make it interesting with the Funghi. This pizza option is ideal for all mushroom lovers out there with its cremini and portabello toppings. Additional options include salads, bruschetta, skewers, and of course dessert. The salads use leafy greens, fresh toppings, and house made salad dressings for a healthy yet still delicious entrée. Bruschetta boards are your favorite toasted bread with fresh toppings; we offer our caprese bruschetta with mozzarella cheese and balsamic reduction, along with a fig & apple bruschetta that is a decadent treat. Share something with each table with starters such as a charcuterie board or the spinach artichoke parmesan dip. We also have dessert covered with delicious takes of your favorite Italian treats. Try the mini cannoli for bite-sized treats of tiramisu soaked in espresso. We can help wash it all down with our selection of beverages. Canned and bottled soda and bottled water is an easy option to serve; we also provide our house made lemonade for a special treat. Each item is prepared with the freshest ingredients and will have your guests raving about the food. Let us take care of your wedding catering needs.

Even More Catering Options

At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we make sure we can help everyone in Mesa with any type of catering event they have. Not only do we cater for weddings, but also wedding related events and much more. Let us cater your wedding shower, birthday party, corporate event, bar mitzvah, or whatever else you have going on. Our team is able to take care of any event no matter how big or small. Simply let our team know how you would like to have your event catered with either our food truck hosting the meal or us preparing the food in advance. You will find that having a company like Oak Wood Fire Pizza behind will make planning for any event extremely easy!

Time to Choose Oak Wood Fire Pizza for Your Weddings in Mesa

Now that you have seen what our catering services can do for your wedding in Mesa, make sure to choose Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Getting started is simple; just give us a call at 602-526-5493 or email to start your catering order.


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