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Mesa Italian Food Drop Off Catering

Mesa Italian Food Drop Off Catering

It can be hard to find the perfect catering service for your next event in Mesa. Luckily, we can help you put that search to a close when you choose our drop-off catering services available exclusively from Oakwood Fire Pizza. Sometimes our guests are looking for something more than just the delicious pizza we serve up on a daily basis. Our Mesa Italian food catering services also include decadent pasta bars that we can set up directly at your event. This makes it easy to serve food to each of your guests so they can have a meal to remember.

Italian Food in Mesa, Dropped Off Right to You

The best part of our drop-off catering services for Italian food in Mesa is that the food is delivered right to you. This makes it easier for you to focus on hosting your event and not worry about cooking up a large enough meal for your guests. Our pasta dishes are prepared in advance and set up in a pasta bar which makes them extremely easy to serve. This pasta bar also keeps each dish hot and ready—just the way your guests love their pasta.

A Variety of Pasta to Choose From

We all have a favorite pasta dish. At Oakwood Fire Pizza, we offer a delicious variety of pasta dishes that everyone at your event will enjoy. Keep things simple yet still delicious with a pasta dish created with penne or fettuccine pasta. You can choose from our incredible red sauce, homemade alfredo sauce, or a rich vodka sauce to top your pasta. Throw in a little protein with Italian sausage or homemade meatballs for a little extra kick. Finally, we top our pasta off with parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, and basil. If that doesn’t suit your guest’s taste buds, try out the perfectly baked lasagna. All of these pasta options will be served hot and ready at your next event with our Mesa Italian food drop-off catering services.

Never Go Wrong with Some Pizza

You cannot describe a catering order from a pizza company without plugging in their pizza! Seriously, if you have not tried a slice of our award-winning pizza from Oak Wood Fire Pizza, you are truly missing out. Rectify this mistake by adding a few of our pizza pies to your next Mesa catering order. Each pizza is created as a personal-sized pie, allowing your guests to enjoy their own. Just like our pasta dishes, our pizzas are created with only fresh ingredients to really bring out the flavors. It all starts with hand-tossed dough that is made fresh. Next up is our delicious house-made pizza sauce that spares no expense. Finally, expect fresh mozzarella cheese that piles up on the dough and sauce and is complete with fresh, never frozen toppings. All of this is baked to perfection in our wood fire oven, just as the name suggests. Yum!

The pizza offerings at Oak Wood Fire Pizza are nothing to scoff at. Sure, you can stick with a classic such as a pepperoni and cheese pizza; with any big event, we expect there are a few who prefer to do just this. You can also make it interesting with one of our exclusive unique offerings available only from us. This includes our popular Spicy Mario, a spice lover’s dream complete with Calabrian chilis, spicy sausage, and ricotta cheese. The Prosciutto offers a little sweetness with fig jam, arugula, honey, and fresh mozzarella. Vegetarians will love the Funghi topped off with portobello and cremini mushrooms and our white truffle oil. As you can see, there is quite a variety of flavors offered through our famous pizza pies. Do yourself a favor and order one (hopefully more) of these tasty options on your next Mesa catering order!

Add-Ons for Your Order

The menu only continues to expand from here. Our incredible selection of Italian food in Mesa, including our pasta and pizza dishes, is just the start of our catering services currently being offered in the Mesa area. Every special event needs a memorable meal that is served from start to finish. We offer a variety of starters or appetizers that can help your guests get started on their meals. These options include our ever-popular Caprese skewers that are essentially a Caprese salad on a stick! Think of fresh mozzarella cheese, vine ripe tomato, and fresh basil topped with a rich balsamic reduction—yum! Other items include our selection of bruschetta boards featuring fig & apple or garden tomato varieties. For something that is easy to share, look no further than our spinach artichoke parmesan dip or crispy garlic bread. These can easily be shared among a table of guests as they wait for their main course of pasta.

At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we are known for our award-winning pizzas and Italian dishes, but we also have delicious green salads. These make the perfect addition to your meal for anyone with gluten allergies or those looking to shave a few calories from their meal. Try the Oak Wood Chop, with mixed greens, pepperoni, provolone, and a lemon vinaigrette. With so many add-ons possible, there will be no two catering meals that are the same!

Don’t Forget Drinks and Dessert!

Last but certainly not least for any catering meal is to cover the sweet tooth for every guest. Add on a few orders of the mini cannoli or tiramisu for a rich and decadent treat to close your event off with. These treats also come individually sized so you can choose to share one with a loved one or not. We can also take care of any drink requests you have. Our catering service currently offers a variety of canned soda, bottled water, and jarred lemonade. Talk about a variety of drinks!

More to Love from Oakwood Fire Pizza

Now there is, even more, you can love when you choose our drop-off catering services for Italian food in Mesa. To get started simply give us a call at 602-526-5493 or send an email to viviannad@oakwoodfirepizza.com. We also offer this same type of catering service and food truck hosting services in other parts of the Phoenix Valley too. Take a look at how delicious the meal at your next event will be!


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