Gilbert Wedding Shower Catering

Gilbert Wedding Shower Catering

Finding the best catering service in Gilbert can be difficult when there are so many options to choose from. However, no other restaurant or catering company can compare to the delicious food and easy service that Oakwood Fire Pizza continues to offer. Our catering services can take care of all your special events. This can include wedding showers, one of the overlooked yet still important aspects of planning a wedding. We can help your guests remember your wedding shower for years to come with our delicious food. Take a look at what to expect with our Gilbert wedding shower catering service:

Plenty of Options for Your Gilbert Wedding

No two events are ever the same, so we make sure our catering service can be flexible for your needs. Many of our customers happen to find out about us through our food truck that can be found all over the Phoenix Valley. It can be found at city events or just hanging out serving food to everyone. Through our catering service, you can have our award-winning food truck come straight to your event. We can set up outside and have each item prepared as it is ordered. The entire food truck menu is available this way so your guests will have something for their specific tastes in mind. It also allows your guests to order whenever they get hungry, so you will not have to worry about setting up a specific meal plan during the event. We also offer to drop off catering, where we prepare the food in advance and have it brought directly to your event. The food always arrives hot and ready to eat and never cold. This is great for wedding without an outdoor reception area. It also allows you to choose from additional items not found on our typical food truck menu. You have plenty of options to choose from for Gilbert weddings.

Pizza is on the Menu

As our name suggests, we offer wood fire oven pizza that is baked to perfection. Each pizza pie uses the freshest ingredients and house-made sauces. We start each one with hand tossed dough that bakes into the perfect crust. The pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings are always fresh and never frozen, something you can taste in every bite! You can choose classic pizza options like pepperoni or mix it up a bit. Select one of our specialty pizzas including the Funghi, made with all kinds of mushrooms, or the Spicy Mario, which features delicious Italian sausage. The pizzas are all served in small personal size pizzas so everyone can enjoy exactly what they ordered. No one has ever said they do not like pizza—seriously, we checked!

More Than Just Pizza

Our catering service also includes the rest of our delicious menu. Check out the Italian catering service that lets us bring you delicious pasta set up in a convenient pasta bar. This option is not typically found on our food truck menu and lets you easily serve plenty of guests will a pasta bar set up. Similar to our pizzas, we use fresh sauces and toppings for a memorable meal experience. We can also include healthy salads, delicious appetizers, and sweet treats for dessert. Our salads all use leafy greens with fresh toppings and house made dressings such as our balsamic reduction and lemon vinaigrette. Appetizers are perfect for sharing at tables; try out our spinach artichoke parmesan dip or the charcuterie for a light start to dinner. Bruschetta is always a popular option and comes in two varieties; the garden tomato bruschetta is essentially a caprese salad on toasted bread, while the fig & apple jam bruschetta is topped with shaved granny smith apple, fig jam, and mascarpone spread. Make sure you do not forget about dessert either! We offer mini cannoli that are a bite-sized treat of an Italian staple. The tiramisu comes soaked with espresso and topped with mascarpone and cocoa powder. Bottled water and soda cans are also available so you do not have to worry about beverages. Check out our house made lemonade that is a sweet treat served in a mason jar. That’s a whole lot available for your Gilbert wedding shower!

Even More Options to Choose From

East Valley cities such as Gilbert are known to host a variety of events and not just weddings. Our team can also cater events such as wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, and so much more. No event is ever too big or small for our team!

Schedule Your Catering Service Today

Getting started on your Gilbert wedding shower catering is as easy as contacting us directly. Either give us a call at 602-526-5493 or email We cater to most locations in the Phoenix Valley including Gilbert. Your wedding shower and all your rehearsal dinner and wedding will be ones to remember!


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