Wedding Shower Catering

Wedding Shower Catering

We all love to celebrate a good wedding, but it can be difficult to plan all the events that come along with it. Wedding showers are an important part of getting married and should be celebrated the right way. It is just as important to show friends and family how much you appreciate their help with the wedding planning. Throwing an incredible wedding shower includes have delicious food your guests will remember for years after the event. Do just that with our wedding shower catering services available from Oakwood Fire Pizza!

Easy to Set Up

The best part of using our wedding catering in AZ is how easy it is to set up. After you have placed your order, we can easily set up our mobile food truck at your event and make the pizzas fresh there. Our food truck includes a mobile wood fire oven, allowing for delicious pizzas on the go. Our chefs will be able to create fresh, made-to-order pizzas, salads, and sides for each guest at your wedding shower. This is one shower that your friends and family will never forget!


Weddings are not only stressful to plan but also expensive. Save a bit on your budget with our wedding shower catering services that will not eat up your entire budget for the day. Our delicious pizza pies are available at a wallet-friendly price. We are flexible in how we serve your special event. Our wedding catering service can be set up directly at the venue allowing your guests to order at their leisure. Another popular option is having our team prepare the food in advance and have it taken right to your door. This is the perfect option for those hosting their wedding shower at a smaller venue like a home in a busy neighborhood. Whichever way you choose to have your catering service provided to you, we will be there every step of the way. Make sure you take a look further and see what delicious food comes with our catering service!

Vast Menu to Choose From

With some catering services, your food options are limited to pre-set menus for your guests to choose from. Our menu of pizza pies in our Arizona wedding catering has something for everyone to enjoy. Of course, we offer classic toppings like pepperoni but also more intriguing toppings on customer favorites like the Funghi and the Prosciutto. These specialty pies are perfect for those who like to mix up their toppings for a delicious result. We also offer garden fresh salads and appetizers that are the perfect starters for your meal. The Oak Wood Chop and Wedge salads are a great way to feed guests you are looking to stay away from the carbs. Each salad option uses only fresh ingredients and vegetables; you will not find anything frozen on our menu! The Oak Wood Chop features a delicious lemon vinaigrette and the Wedge is paired with a classic blue cheese dressing.

Additional appetizers include our Caprese skewers that are freshly roasted. On the skewer, you will find fresh basil and mozzarella, vine ripe tomato, and a balsamic reduction. We have two bruschetta options including the garden tomato bruschetta with identical ingredients as the skewer. The second option is the fig and apple bruschetta that features a fig jam, granny smith apple shavings, and mascarpone spread for a sweet treat. Last but certainly not least is the spinach and artichoke parmesan dip that is great to share with others! No catering service is complete without desserts and drinks which we can also provide for your guests.

Don’t Forget the Dessert

We can rave all day about our award-winning pizza, so most of our customers know that is what we offer. What most do not know is that our dessert options are another great item to throw in with your catering order. If your guests need something sweet to end their marvelous event let them choose from our mini cannoli or tiramisu. Both of these tasty treats are inspired by classic Italian desserts. The tiramisu features espresso, cocoa powder, and mascarpone spread all on top of coffee-soaked ladyfingers. The mini cannoli even features a chocolate chip mascarpone that simply must be tried to be believed. Let us serve your guests these amazing dessert options along with your entrees!

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If you are ready to host an incredible wedding shower, make sure to choose our Arizona wedding catering services today. Contact us by calling 602-526-5493 or by emailing to set up our wedding shower catering services for your event.

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Not only do we offer incredible catering services but also some of the best pizza in the entire Phoenix valley. Let Oakwood Fire Pizza help you host a memorable wedding shower with our unbelievable services for your special day!


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