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New Year’s Catering in Phoenix

New Year’s Catering in Phoenix

Just like that 2022 is almost at a close, and 2023 will be here before you know it. We are still reeling from how fast the year has flown by. If you are like us, then you might be a little behind on putting together details for your New Year’s celebration. Luckily, our catering services make it easy as ever to enjoy your party without having to worry about food. Our team provides a variety of catering services featuring our food truck menu and much more. Take a look at how our New Year’s catering in Phoenix services will make the most of your New Year’s celebration: 

Wood Fire Pizza Every Time 

With a name like Oak Wood Fire Pizza, you can expect what we offer on our food truck menu. We specialize in our tasty wood fire pizzas that are baked to perfection in our ovens. Each pizza offers the perfect ratio of crunchy crust and chewy cheese and toppings. We start each of our pizzas the same, with love and fresh ingredients. We hand toss our pizza dough and make it into a personal sized pizza. We then cover it in our house made pizza sauce that uses a unique blend of herbs and spices. The pizza is then covered in fresh mozzarella cheese along with fresh toppings that are freshly chopped each morning. This combination makes for an award-winning pizza that you will love with every bite. Speaking of which, our pizza selection has something for everyone to choose. Our Margherita Pizza is a classic Italian dish featuring fresh basil, red sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Another great option for vegetarians is our Funghi that comes with a selection of portobello mushrooms, cremini, and white truffle oil. Go crazy with our Spicy Mario that is topped off with Calabrian chilis and spicy sausage. A recent favorite on the menu includes our Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza that features a unique blend of toppings including hot sauce, chicken, buttermilk ranch dressing, red onions, and blue cheese. Enjoy these pizzas on its own or share with a loved one. 

More Sides to Count 

Those who use our catering services can also add in some side items found on our food truck menu to make it a full culinary experience. Add on some appetizers to help curb your hunger until the meal is ready. Starters can include our bruschetta that comes in two varieties. Add some greens to your salad with our two options available. Our spinach parmesan artichoke dip and charcuterie boards are great options that are easy to share at a table. Our team will also make sure that your drink selection is taken care of too. You can choose between bottled water, canned soda, and our house made lemonade that features a variety of flavors to pick from.  

Pasta Bar 

Our catering services provide an exclusive option that is not found on our food truck menu. Choose our pasta bar for a buffet like experience for your guests. We will provide a pasta bar and pasta chef to create your own pasta bowls at your special event. You get to choose from all the options available. Choose your pasta type such as penne pasta or rigatoni. You have a few sauces to choose from including marinara, alfredo, and pesto. Add on some protein such as sausage and chicken for a heartier bite. Last but not least throw in some toppings that include roasted red pepper, caramelized onion, red chili flakes, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. Each of these options will come together for delicious and fresh pasta at your party. 

Ways to Cater 

We make sure that our team will be able to cater any special event thrown our way. A popular option for your catering service is to have our food truck come out to you. This allows us to prepare the pizzas and sides whenever they are ordered to guarantee freshness. Having a food truck on hand will also create some excitement for your guests. If you do not have the outdoor space for our food truck, we can just bring the food to you. This catering option lets us prepare the food right before your event starts. It will be delivered to your hands hot and ready to eat. This is perfect for indoor events and smaller celebrations. This option also lets us set up your pasta bar. As you can see there are quite a few ways to help your New Year’s celebration be the best it can be. 

Your Chance to Book for New Year’s 

New Year’s is always a busy time of year for our catering team so make sure to book our services today for Phoenix, Chandler, or anywhere in AZ. You can see how your event will be taken to a whole new level when our team takes care of your food.  Contact us today!


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