Chandler Catering for New Year’s

Chandler Catering for New Year’s

When it comes to planning for the biggest party of the year, you simply cannot beat a thrilling New Year’s bash right here in the Phoenix Valley. If you have heard of Oak Wood Fire Pizza, you may be familiar with our variety of catering services we provide throughout the Valley. These catering services are the perfect way to cater a special event so you can focus your energy on your guests. Our catering services can also help you plan for the perfect New Year’s bash in Chandler. Take a look at how these Chandler catering services can benefit your special event:

Food Truck Catering

Our catering services can come in a variety of ways with the first being our food truck. Our team is able to bring our food truck right to your event, where it can serve all of your guests in a single session. Our food truck can be seen all around the Phoenix Valley at events and festivals and is always a joy to have on hand. Our food truck can make anything off our food truck menu so you can pick a variety of items for your guests. All your guests have to do is line up at the food truck and order whenever they get hungry. Our professional team will whip up each item fresh to order just the way you like it. This is the perfect catering option for those throwing an outdoor or large New Year’s party right here in Chandler.

Drop Off Chandler Catering

Another great option we have with our catering team here at Oak Wood Fire Pizza is our drop off Chandler catering service. This option is a great way to cater a party of any size and if you do not have room for our food truck to be on hand. All of the food is prepared by our expert team back at our restaurant location. The food is then brought to you hot and ready to eat; you will find nothing cold or stale with this option! Once again, the entire food truck menu is available to choose from. You can also order some additional options not typically found on the menu such as pasta dishes and more. Think of this as a fancy pizza delivery service but instead of mass-produced pizza from a large chain, you get our high-quality customer favorite pizzas just in time for your New Year’s event.

Vast Pizza Menu

Now that you know what is involved with our catering options for Chandler this New Year’s, you may be wondering what you can order. As mentioned, our entire food truck menu is available to choose from including our tasty pizza offerings. Our pizzas are not your standard cookie cutter pizza shop pies either. Instead, each pizza is made fresh by hand. Our dough is hand tossed before it is covered in our house sauce that uses a unique blend of spices. We then cover each pizza from top to bottom in all the cheese you can think of. Our pizzas are baked in our wood fire oven providing the gooey center and crispy crust. Our selection of pizzas starts with our classic offerings such as the pepperoni pizza. We also offer more unique pizzas such as our Funghi that is covered with cremini, portobello, and white truffle oil. The Spicy Mario is a spice lover’s dream with spicy sausage, ricotta cheese, and Calabrian chilis. Each of these pizzas are made into a 10” pizza that is perfect to enjoy on your own or split with a loved one.

Additional Menu Offerings

The rest of our Chandler AZ catering menu is also available to pick from too when you have your New Year’s event in Chandler catered by our team. Start with an appetizer that includes our spinach and artichoke parmesan dip and the charcuterie board. Leady green salads can add some healthy sides to your meal with our Oak Wood Chop and Caprese Salads. Our bruschetta offerings include the decadent Fig and Apple along with our Garden Tomato varieties. Of course, no meal is ever complete without some tasty desserts to tap off your meal. Try out the mini cannoli or tiramisu for a bite size treat. Last but not least you will find that our drink selection is more than enough to accommodate your party. Add on drinks such as our canned soda, bottled water, or our jarred lemonade. Either way you will find something that is just calling out your name on our catering menu at Oak Wood Fire Pizza.

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