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Mesa Brick Oven Mobile Pizza Catering Oven

Mesa Brick Oven Mobile Pizza Catering Oven

If you are looking for fresh pizza to help with your next special event, look no further than Oak Wood Fire Pizza. We have been serving up fresh oak wood fire oven pizza for years now from our popular food truck found across the Phoenix Valley. We continue to expand our operations and serve a variety of catering services to those in need. This includes residents of Mesa who want something to set their special event apart from all the others. If that is what you are looking for, our brick oven mobile pizza catering is just what you need. Take a look at how this catering option can offer up some tasty pizza:

Order Your Pizza on the Go

Our Mesa pizza catering services offer so much more than just having our food truck come and host your event. Our brick oven mobile pizza catering is just as it sounds: a mobile oven that can be brought directly to you. This means that outdoor spaces that have room for our oven can be the perfect fit for this type of catering service. This is the same type of pizza oven we use in our food truck but in a much smaller space. We are able to bake up our wood fire pizzas upon order. Simply let your guests come up to order one of their favorite pizzas we offer and see the magic unfold. Each pizza is made to order, ensuring a fresh meal every time. This catering option is perfect for any outdoor event in Mesa that does not have enough space for the full pizza food truck.

Pizza Your Way

As mentioned, you can order any of our favorite pizzas from our mobile pizza oven. That’s right, each of our fan favorite pizzas are available right as you approach the counter. Our menu offers a variety of unique and delicious pizzas made to offer. Sure, we also offer our pepperoni pizza, that is a dream for pepperoni lovers out there. The Margherita is another classic with basil, extra virgin olive oil, and red sauce. The rest of our pizza menu includes some special pizza offerings that we are proud to have on the menu. If you are a mushroom lover, the Funghi is perfect for you. This tasty pizza is loaded with cremini, portobello, white truffle oil, and arugula. Our Spicy Mario ups the heat level with Calabrian chilis, pepperoni, spicy sausage, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella. The Buffalo Mozzarella is perfect for those who love watching a sports game on the big screen. This pizza features chicken, hot sauce, red onion, blue cheese, and buttermilk ranch. Add a touch of sweetness that features toppings such as ricotta cheese, fig jam, arugula, honey, and fresh mozzarella. These pizzas are each made as individual 10” pizzas perfect to enjoy on your own or split with a loved one.

Fresh Ingredients Every Time

If you have had our delicious pizza from Oak Wood Fire Pizza before, you know that each pizza only uses fresh ingredients. Nothing is ever frozen here in our stock. We make all of our pizza dough and pizza sauce by hand each day for our special events. We start with hand-tossed dough that is covered in our pizza sauce that features a unique blend of spices. Our toppings are just as fresh and cover the pizza from top to bottom. You will be able to taste the difference when you choose our pizza over the competition here in Mesa!

Add Some Sides

Pizza is not the only thing we feature on our extensive Mesa Pizza catering menu. If you want to add a side or two to your pizza look at our side and starter menu. You can start off your meal with one of our salads such as the Oak Wood Chop with mixed greens, English cucumber, aged provolone, pepperoncini, and more. The Caprese salad comes with basil, balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh mozzarella. Additional starters we have on the menu also include our caprese skewers (think of the salad but on a skewer!), fig and apple bruschetta, and spinach and artichoke parmesan dip. Each of these starters are perfect to share among a table with friends or loved ones. Don’t forget about dessert as our menu also includes some sweet treats. The mini cannoli feature chocolate chip mascarpone that is a dream. The tiramisu is the classic Italian treat you have come to love with lady fingers dipped in espresso and covered in chocolate powder. Yum! Help wash it all down with our drink selection that includes a combination of canned soda, glass bottled soda, bottled water, and house made lemonade; the lemonade has a variety of flavors and comes served in a mason jar!

Your Mesa Pizza Catering Order Is Waiting

There is no wrong way to have Oak Wood Fire Pizza cater for your special event in Mesa. Call today and get your Mesa pizza catering service on the calendar!


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