Mesa 4th of July Catering

Mesa 4th of July Catering

The summer season is officially here and with it comes a variety of reasons to host a party, including the 4th of July. Our nation’s birthday is the ideal time to get together with friends and family and throw a party for everyone to remember. The city of Mesa has plenty of different catering options for you to choose from, but none are quite like our own. Our team at Oak Wood Fire Pizza can take on any challenge and offers some of the tastiest pizza right here in Mesa. Take a look at why our Mesa catering services are the best around in Mesa:

Fresh Pizza Guaranteed

Most 4th of July parties do not break tradition and typically offer hot dogs and hamburgers. Offering the same thing year after year can make your guests forget they were even there after the event has passed. Help them find the event to be memorable by trying out something new for the food such as our delicious wood fire pizza. Our pizza has become a favorite among the Phoenix Valley and will be a blast at your party. We start each pizza the same with fresh ingredients. Our pizza dough is made fresh and tossed to make the perfect crust. We cover it with our house made red sauce that uses a delicious blend of herbs and spices. Mozzarella cheese covers it up before the final toppings are thrown on top. Our menu offers seven different pizzas for you to choose from. The pepperoni is a classic pie that no one can pass up. Mushroom lovers will go crazy for the Funghi that offers a unique blend of cremini, arugula, portobello mushrooms, and white truffle oil. The Margherita pizza is an Italian classic with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil on top. The Spicy Mario offers a little kick to the mouth with its spicy sausage, pepperoni, ricotta cheese, and Calabrian chilis. One of our more popular pizzas is the Buffalo Mozzarella that offers hot sauce, chicken, blue cheese, red onions, and buttermilk ranch. We guarantee you will love any of the tasty pizzas on our menu!

Mix It Up with Pasta

Another great way to offer something different is with our pasta catering service. Pasta is another Italian favorite, and our Mesa catering service makes it even easier to enjoy. It comes served in an action station that is run by one of our chefs. Guests are able to choose from different pasta such as penne pasta and rigatoni that is topped with one of three sauces, marinara, alfredo sauce, or pesto. You can also add on additional protein with chicken or sausage too. Add a little extra flavor with one of several toppings that include red chili flakes, parmesan cheese, roasted red peppers, caramelized onion, and fresh basil. Our serving station makes it extremely easy to have your pasta bowl served to you. Who knew you could have so many options for your Mesa 4th of July party!

How to Cater Your Party

Now that you know about some of our delicious food that is served with your catering order, you will want to know how it is served. We can provide the food to you in a variety of ways. Our first option for your catering order in Mesa is by having our food truck come out to your event. The food truck will be hosting the food of your event by taking orders from your guests. Let them order whenever they get hungry, so no one has to wait. Our team will prepare each item as it is ordered to guarantee freshness. Our entire food truck menu will be available for you to pick from, including our pizza and side items.

If your event does not have enough room for the food truck, we can also have the food come straight to you. We can prepare your order the day of your party and have it delivered. Think of this as a fancy pizza delivery service, but instead of the cardboard box variety, you will receive fresh wood fire pizza. We guarantee the food will still arrive hot and ready to eat with nothing being cold. This type of catering service also lets you order additional items not found on our standard food truck menu such as the pasta station. The options are almost endless when you let Oak Wood Fire Pizza cater to your Mesa 4th of July event!

Book Today for Your Mesa 4th of July Party

As you can see, the options are incredible when you let our team at Oak Wood Fire Pizza cater your 4th of July party. No other Mesa catering company can offer so many options and with friendlier service than our own team. Contact us today and see how your party can be the best one yet!


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