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Menu Spotlight: Margarita Pizza

Menu Spotlight: Margarita Pizza

Sometimes we just want a slice of our favorite classic pizza pies for dinner. Margarita pizzas are a pizza mainstay with origins in Italy. When choosing which pizza to order from Oakwood Fire Pizza, consider our take on this classic dish. Our Margarita pizza in Phoenix is created using only the freshest ingredients around for which Oakwood Fire Pizza is known. We take that a step further with ingredients that are never frozen and only used fresh.

As mentioned, margarita pizzas are a classic Italian pizza that is full of flavor. Margarita pizzas sound simple enough but add up to an incredible experience. Margarita pizzas feature a few simple ingredients: sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil. While some pizza enthusiasts say that parmesan cheese can be added, it is not part of the classic recipe found in Italy. While this is not a lengthy list of ingredients, they combine to create incredible array of flavors that are present in every slice. At Oakwood Fire Pizza, we do not settle for just your average slice of pizza. Instead, we add a little extra to every pizza to make it our own, and this includes the margarita pizza. While we may start with the classic Italian recipe, we ensure it is prepared fresh and with the flair for which we are known!

Our Margarita pizza in Phoenix starts out with freshly prepared pizza dough that is tossed to perfection. We make our dough from scratch so you know there is nothing frozen. Once the dough is ready to go, we cover it with our homemade red sauce. Like everything else at Oakwood Fire Pizza, our sauce is made with only fresh ingredients. Finally, your margarita pizza is complete once it is topped off with mozzarella, basil, and olive oil and thrown into our stone pizza oven. Our unique stone oven makes sure every pizza is baked to perfection with a crispy exterior crust and hot and gooey cheese on top. No one wants an overcooked pizza that is burnt black all around the edges, nor do they want one that is undercooked! As you can see this may deviate slightly from the classic Italian recipe, but we guarantee you will love the results!

While we think our recipe for the margarita pizza is an instant classic, you may not want all the toppings we serve it with. If you want to make any changes, simply let us know while placing your order. We can easily substitute or remove any topping on your order. Our margarita pizza is available at our food truck for every visit. This classic favorite is also available through our catering services. That’s right, you can enjoy our delicious margarita pizza during your next business outing or birthday party. Our catering services make it easy to enjoy this classic Italian favorite. Our food truck can easily be set up at your event, allowing us to make each meal as it is ordered. If you want a few margarita pizzas for your next event, make sure you choose our catering services today!

You cannot go wrong with our Pheonix margarita pizza pie or any other fine selection on our menu. Each pizza is served as an individual serving, allowing families of any size to pick out their own personal selections. We pride ourselves in serving up not only the best food truck offerings in Phoenix but some of the best Phoenix margarita pizza in the Valley! Our margarita pizza in Phoenix is just one of the many delicious pizzas, starters, and entrees that we offer at Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Click here to learn more about us and check out our events too!


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