Menu Spotlight: Italian Flag

Menu Spotlight: Italian Flag

When it comes to our favorite Italian meal, you could say we are a little biased. Pizza is been the backbone of our country’s dinner menu, and for good reason! We dare you to find anyone who claims to not like any kind of pesto pizza. Celebrate the masterminds behind our favorite meal with the Italian Flag available at Oak Wood Fire Pizza. If you have had our other delicious offerings, you know we use only the freshest ingredients and serve up pizza pies that simply cannot be beat.

The Italian Flag may be simple in terms of toppings but it more than makes up for it with incredible flavor. We start creating this delicious pesto pizza in Phoenix by tossing our handmade dough to perfection. Next we cover it with fresh pesto and mozzarella cheese that is never frozen. Finally, we top things off with oven roasted tomatoes for an elegant yet tasty pesto pizza pie. We have taken a page out of Italy by not needing crazy and ridiculous toppings to create a meal worth savoring. The simplicity of the Italian Flag will have your stomach growling in no time. This is definitely the best pesto pizza in Phoenix!

If someone in your group is not as enticed with the Italian Flag as you are, they can pick out their own meal! The rest of our incredible selection of personal pizzas is just as tasty as the Italian Flag. We will not think any less of you for choosing one delicious option over another at Oak Wood Fire Pizza! Contact us now and learn more about us!


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  • We love coming out to weddings! Invite us to your wedding and we promise we won’t dance on the tables! 🍕