Menu Spotlight: Funghi Mushroom Pizza

Menu Spotlight: Funghi Mushroom Pizza

Delicious pizza comes in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of delicious toppings that will make your stomach start rumbling. At Oakwood Fire Pizza, we pride ourselves in serving up your favorite pizza pies in addition to our specialty pies that push the boundaries of great flavor. If you are a mushroom fiend, there is no greater pleasure than having a freshly baked Funghi Mushroom pizza get served right into your hands.

Mushroom Pizza in Phoenix for Mushroom Lovers

Like all other Oakwood Fire Pizza creations, we start our Funghi with hand-tossed dough and homemade sauce for the base. White truffle oil is used instead of our standard red sauce, which makes our pizza stand out from the rest of the “competition.” Next, each pizza is dazzled with freshly grated mozzarella cheese that is baked until gooey perfection. What really makes the Funghi absolutely delicious is the big helping of fresh crimini and portobello mushrooms and arugula parmesan. Now that is some insane flavor all on top of one incredible mushroom pizza pie!

Where to Get It

If you have a serious case of the munchies after reading that delicious description of our mushroom pizza in Phoenix, we recommend you find Oakwood Fire Pizza out and around the Phoenix community. Look ahead at where our food truck will be parked next or schedule your own catering service for a private party. No matter which way you track down Oakwood Fire Pizza, you will be more than happy when these pizzas hit those hungry mouths! Check out our gallery now! Contact us today!


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