Welcome to Oakwood Fire PizzaMake the Perfect Home Made Pizza with These 5 Tips
Make the Perfect Home Made Pizza with These 5 Tips

Make the Perfect Home Made Pizza with These 5 Tips

If you are looking for a new idea for date night or trying to show the kids something new in the kitchen, consider making a pizza at home. Pizza making is an artform that has been around for hundreds of years, and frankly is our favorite way to prepare a tasty meal at home. It can be extremely fun to prepare all of the ingredients yourself and taste the final results after it is all finished. Of course, there are plenty of suggestions that will help make your home made pizza making experience better than ever. Take a look at the following five tips that will help you make the perfect pizza at home: 

Make Your Own Dough 

If you have tasted one of our personal pizzas here at Oak Wood Fire Pizza, you know that we start from scratch every time. This includes putting together a fluffy pizza dough that will be the backbone for the eventual pizza. Making the perfect pizza calls for putting together a pizza dough that will both hold the pizza together and also provide an excellent crunch and consistency. You can prepare your own dough from scratch by purchasing the essential ingredients such as flour, salt, and water. These three ingredients are all you need for the simplest of recipes when preparing a pizza. However, don’t stop there, and add in additional ingredients such as yeast and olive oil to help the dough rise when it is baking. Tossing your pizza dough and forming it into a crust shape is also just a heck of a lot of fun too! 

Prepare Your Own Pizza Sauce 

Your pizza dough is not the only thing that should be prepared from scratch for your homemade pizza. The most essential ingredient for any pizza is the sauce. Having a bland or weak pizza sauce will not provide you with a satisfying meal. Creating your own pizza sauce starts with getting a hold of tomato sauce or tomato paste. Having a thicker pizza sauce is usually preferred, as it will prevent your pizza crust from getting soggy when it bakes. Pasta sauce can also be used too if you are in a bind, but it is often already cooked while pizza sauce from tomato paste is uncooked; this can make the difference in flavor, so make sure to use tomato paste or sauce when available. The final step is adding in the herbs and spices you want to highlight in your pizza. Our own pizza sauce uses a special blend that we developed and has helped make our pizza as delicious as ever.  

Add in Plenty of Cheese 

The final necessary step to any pizza is throwing in cheese on top. The layer of crust, sauce, and cheese is what makes a pizza what we all know to love. The final step of adding cheese is not something you want to skimp on either. Make sure you add plenty of cheese to achieve a lovely gooey bite. The most common cheese used for pizza is mozzarella, but you can also experiment with other cheeses too such as parmesan, ricotta, and cheddar cheeses depending on your toppings.  

Fresh Ingredients 

You never want to use old or bland ingredients when preparing a meal, and the same goes for when making a pizza. Make sure you stick with fresh toppings that are not frozen when possible. Simply visit your local grocer to find all the toppings you want. Typical pizza toppings often include pepperoni, spinach, bell peppers, onions, and more. Fresh pepperoni and other protein options are best selected from a butcher or meat deli to ensure freshness. We also make sure to use only fresh ingredients when preparing our pizzas, so we understand that does make all the difference.  

Baked to Perfection 

Now that your pizza has been assembled, it is time to bake it to perfection. Most individuals will only have access to the oven at home to bake the pizza in and that is totally fine. You can either bake the pizza directly on the oven rack to ensure consistent baking. You can also use a ceramic pizza tray too that will make sure the pizza holds together. For the best option try to use a ceramic oven or wood fire oven for incredible results. We bake our own pizzas in our popular wood fire oven that allows the pizza to bake completely and also provides a nice char.  

Look Out for Our Pizza 

These five steps will help you prepare the best pizza yet. When looking for the best tasting pizza in Phoenix look no further than Oak Wood Fire Pizza. You can find us at many food truck events, or we can cater your next special event. Contact us today!


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