It may not be super cold here in Phoenix, but we can definitely tell the winter season is finally here. The winter season is always a popular time to host celebrations here in Arizona as the weather is perfect to do so. Take advantage of the season and have a wonderful winter celebration with loved ones. Hosting a celebration can involve many steps for success including finding the perfect food. Let Oak Wood Fire Pizza take care of your catering needs with our delicious food and incredible service. Our team will make sure your celebration is one to remember. Here is how our winter catering can help your upcoming celebration: 

Wood Fire Pizza 

At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, you will find that our award-winning pizza is always baked to perfection in our wood fire ovens. You will find top quality in everything we use including our ingredients. Each of our pizzas starts off as hand tossed dough that is shaped into a 10” pizza. We then cover each pizza with our exclusive pizza sauce that uses a unique blend of herbs and spices. We cover it with fresh toppings that are never frozen. Finally, we bake it all together in our wood fire oven that has won over thousands of patrons for years now. You can have this award-winning combination served at your upcoming winter event. Choose from any of our pizzas currently available on the food truck menu. Choose from popular favorites such as the classic pepperoni pizza. Our Spicy Mario takes it up a notch with Calabrian chilis and spicy sausage added on. The Funghi is perfect for mushroom lovers as it comes with cremini, portobello mushrooms, and white truffle oil. Give the Buffalo Mozzarella pizza a shot as it comes with chicken, hot sauce, buttermilk ranch dressing, blue cheese, and red onions. Of course, we want to cater to our vegetarian friends too. The Margherita pizza features mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and the house pizza sauce. Enjoy each of these pizzas on its own or share with a loved one to mix and match. There is no wrong choice with our selection! 

Add on a Pasta Bar 

One catering service exclusive that you can also add to your celebration is our pasta bar. This option lets us provide you with a buffet style pasta bar where you can create your own masterpiece. Choose from pasta options such as rigatoni and penne pasta. Add on your sauce that includes options such as red sauce, pesto, and alfredo. Protein is always a perfect addition with options like sausage or chicken. Our toppings complete the bowl with choices including red chili flakes, roasted red pepper, fresh basil, caramelized onion, and parmesan cheese. One of our pasta chefs will be on hand to serve your guests.  

Add on Some Sides 

Our catering menu also allows you to add on some of our delicious starters and side items. These options let you create a meal from the selection or curb everyone’s hunger before the pizza is served. Try out some options such as our two salad choices that use house made dressing. Our charcuterie board and spinach artichoke parmesan dip are the perfect items to share at a table. Bruschetta is another popular option that combines toasted red and decadent toppings. We will also take care of your sweet tooth with our selection of personal sized desserts. Finally, we have drinks covered so you do not have to worry about those either. Choose from options such as our bottled water, canned soda, and house made lemonade. The lemonade is served in mason jars and features a variety of flavors to choose from. There is no wrong way to choose your favorite side items! 

Ways to Cater Your Event 

We make sure any special event can be taken care of with our catering team here at Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Have our food truck on hand so guests can order their items whenever they get hungry. Our team will be able to make every item to order so the food is fresh and ready to eat. This catering option is perfect for those who have the outdoor space and expect to have plenty of attendees. Another catering option is having your order prepared in advance and brought to your event. We make sure the food is still just as fresh. This option is great for indoor events so you do not have to worry about finding space for the truck. Make sure to book today! 

Your Catering Service Done Right 

Today is the day to book your catering service for your next winter event. Come see why Oak Wood Fire Pizza has been voted to have some of the best pizza in the Phoenix Valley. Your guests will remember your event for years to come. Contact us today!