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Summer Catering in Scottsdale

Summer Catering in Scottsdale

The summer season is a great time to host friends and family for a small get-together or party to celebrate something special. It might be getting hot here in Arizona but having the perfect catering service will make sure your guests have the best time. Residents of Scottsdale are probably aware that there are tons of options for catering your special event all around you. While you have near endless options from which to choose, not all catering services offer something special like Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Our catering team is able to provide the best catering in Scottsdale. Take a look at what it could look like:

Fresh Gourmet Pizza

If you know anything about Oak Wood Fire Pizza, it is that we offer some of the finest and freshest pizza possible in Scottsdale. We start each pizza off the same way with fresh ingredients and love. Our pizza dough is made fresh daily to provide the perfect crust to bite into. Next up we cover it with our house made pizza sauce that uses a unique blend of spices. A fresh heaping of mozzarella cheese is up next, finished with fresh toppings. You really can taste the difference with every bite!

Our catering services allow you to choose from any of the delicious pizzas we offer on the food truck menu. We can serve up the slices by the slice or 10” pizza. Your guests can start with something classic such as the pepperoni pizza that no one can be too picky about. The Margherita is another classic pizza that features basil and extra virgin olive oil. Spicy lovers will go crazy over the Spicy Mario that features pepperoni, spicy sausage, ricotta cheese, Calabrian chilis, and red sauce. If you enjoy mushrooms try out the Funghi with cremini, portobello, arugula, and white truffle oil. A local favorite here in Scottsdale is the Buffalo Mozzarella that is topped with chicken, hot sauce, red onion, blue cheese, and buttermilk ranch. There are seven different pizzas you can choose from so your guests can find something they love!

Fresh Pasta

In addition to incredible pizza, we also offer an incredible gourmet pasta service too for our catering orders. Our pasta comes in action stations where guests can enjoy from a variety of offerings. Try out different pizza sauces that are made in house and include alfredo sauce, marinara, and pesto. Catering orders are able to choose between penne pasta and rigatoni for the pasta and chicken or sausage for extra protein. Go crazy with the toppings that can include parmesan cheese, red chili flakes, roasted red peppers, caramelized onion, and fresh basil. Choose our upgrade that includes a table set up, topping bowl, chef attendant, and a cooking station. This catering option basically lets us do all the work for you! Now who can say no to pasta such as this?

Catering Options for You

Our catering in Scottsdale let you choose how you want your special event to be handled. For those with a large outdoor space, we recommend having our food truck come host your event. This allows your guests to order up from the food truck as they become hungry. Our team will make each order fresh, so each item is just the way your guests imagined it to be. Having a food truck on hand is also very exciting and will drum up the energy for your event. If you are hosting an indoor event or your space does not have room for our food truck fret not. We can also provide your catering order through a special delivery option. You select the food, and we will prepare it the day of your event. Everything will arrive hot and ready to eat no matter what you ordered. We make sure at Oak Wood Fire Pizza that you have plenty of options for your special event in Scottsdale!

Types of Events We Cater

There are tons of different kinds of events going on here in Scottsdale and we can handle them all. Typical events we normally cater to include birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bar mitzvahs, and so much more. We approach each special event the same with our dedication and attention. We will make sure that all of your guests are satisfied with their order and have enjoyed the best pizza they have ever tasted. Now that is one great way to enjoy Oak Wood Fire Pizza!

Book Today for Oak Wood Fire Pizza

The residents of Scottsdale are ready to start planning for their summer in Scottsdale events this year. Contact our team today at Oak Wood Fire Pizza to find the perfect catering order. There is no better team in town than our own so come see what all the fuss is about!


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