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School Party Catering in Phoenix

School Party Catering in Phoenix

Some of our fondest memories at school is not just spending time in the classroom learning about new subjects. But instead, you will find most children find themselves remembering social connections made with others during school celebrations and parties. There is a reason why school dances such as prom or homecoming are often the highlight of high school years. If you are looking to help plan a school party, you will have quite a few things to prepare. This can include finding a food option that will satisfy students, staff, and parents alike. With so many individuals involved there can be a big room for error. However, when you choose a food such as pizza you will be the known as the best school party planner around. Take a look at how the school party catering in Phoenix at Oak Wood Fire Pizza can make your school party the best it can be: 

Delicious Oak Wood Fire Pizza 

You will find a near endless amount of pizza joints here in the Phoenix Valley whenever you look for a catering service. However, not all pizza joints offer the same quality of pizza, so you may be stuck with cheaply made pizza that is no better than what is offered in the frozen section at the grocery store. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we offer high-quality pizza that uses fresh ingredients. We start with hand-tossed dough that makes for the perfect crust. Then we cover it with our house made pizza sauce that uses various herbs and spices. Finally, we cover it in fresh mozzarella cheese and toppings that are never frozen. Our wood fire oven bakes the pizza to perfection allowing our pizza to become an instant favorite. Our entire food truck menu will be available at your school party including our tasty pizzas. You will find classics such as pepperoni and margherita available to order. More unique pizzas on the menu include the Funghi which is topped off with portobello mushrooms, cremini, and a white truffle oil. Our Spicy Mario is the perfect pizza for those who like to turn up the heat. This pizza features toppings such as spicy sausage, Calabrian chilis, and pepperoni; this one may be a little too spicy for young kiddos! Each of these delicious pizzas are served as a 10” pizza making it easy for students to share. Now that is way better than your standard cafeteria food! 

Create a Pasta Bar 

Another incredible option our catering services offers is our pasta bar. This is a catering service exclusive where you get to create your own pasta bar from a variety of options. You get to pick what goes in it and then one of our staff members will serve your students and guests. First you start by selecting the pasta from options such as penne pasta and rigatoni. Next up is the pasta sauce from options like marinara, alfredo sauce, and pesto. Try out some protein with your pasta such as Italian sausage and chicken. The final step is picking out your toppings with a variety currently available. Try out toppings such as red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and many more. Pasta is a great to ensure your students and staff leave full and satisfied after the party. 

Even More Side Items 

Some school parties will want to make a full meal out of their catering service. This includes offering appetizers to help get everyone’s appetites started before the pizza or pasta rolls out. Try out any of our starters or side items available on the food truck menu. This includes our charcuterie boards that are easy to share at table. Add some greens to your meal with one of our two salads. Our bruschetta are the toasted bread with tasty toppings that is a hit at local restaurants. We also offer a variety of drinks, so everyone is not stuck with cartons of milk from the cafeteria.  

How to Cater Your School Party 

Schools come in a variety of sizes so we make sure that our catering services can support everyone. Our team can have our food truck come out to your event to host your meal. Students and staff are able to order whenever they get hungry. Having a food truck on hand also creates a little excitement as most schools probably don’t see food trucks very often. If you are unable to provide space for the food truck fret not. Our team can also prepare the food right before the party starts having it arrive hot and ready to eat.  

Get Ready for the Best School Party 

Having Oak Wood Fire Pizza cater your school party will make sure it is your best party yet. Place your order with us today and get ready for some fun with the best catering in Phoenix! Contact us today! 


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