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Retirement Party Catering in Phoenix

Retirement Party Catering in Phoenix

Do you have a friend or loved one who has been in their career for decades and is just around the corner from retirement? If so, treat them to a retirement party that they will remember for years to come. You can easily do this by reserving our retirement party catering in Phoenix here at Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Our team will make sure your retirement party will go off without a hitch and have delicious wood fire pizza to go with it. Take a look at how your retirement party can look when you choose our catering services here in the Phoenix Valley: 

The Best Wood Fire Oven Pizza 

We all know that pizza is perhaps the most popular food item in the world. Seriously, no one can say no to a hot slice of delicious pizza. While there are countless places to choose from in Phoenix there is only one Oak Wood Fire Pizza. We continually get rated as the top wood fire oven pizza joint in the Valley. Each of our pizzas start off the same. We start with hand tossed dough to make the perfect crust. Next, we cover it in our pizza sauce that includes a unique blend of herbs and spices. Finally, we top it all off with fresh cheese and toppings that will make our pizzas stand apart from all the rest. Each of our pizzas is baked to perfection in our wood fire oven that adds the perfect touch overall. Our catering services let you choose from any of our pizzas available on the daily food truck menu. We offer a good selection so there is something for everyone to order. You can stick with a classic pizza such as the pepperoni or margherita. We also offer a selection of pizzas found nowhere else that will make you fall in love with them. Our Funghi is the perfect pizza for mushroom lovers everywhere as it comes topped off with cremini, portobello, and white truffle oil in every slice. Or try your hand at the Spicy Mario that adds a little heat. This spicy pizza features pepperoni, Calabrian chilis, and spicy sausage. The buffalo mozzarella pizza is a great option for those who love watching their sports team play at their local bar. This pizza comes topped off with chicken, hot sauce, buttermilk ranch dressing, blue cheese, red onions, and more. Each of our pizzas come served as a personal 10” pizza so you can enjoy it on your own or share it with someone. Now that is a great selection to choose from! 

The Perfect Pasta Bar 

At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we specialize in a variety of Italian food and not just pizza. For your upcoming retirement party try out our pasta bar option that is exclusive to our catering services in Phoenix. We set up a buffet like pasta bar that is managed by one of our team members. We do not offer a “one size fits all” pasta bar and instead let you create it using a variety of ingredients. You can pick from the pasta itself that includes options such as rigatoni and penne pasta. The sauces available are pesto, marinara, and alfredo sauce. Protein choices include chicken and Italian sausage. Last but certainly not least are the toppings; choose from parmesan cheese, roasted red pepper, red chili flakes, fresh basil, and more. This is a great option that is sure to leave you full and satisfied! 

More Sides to Choose 

Our food truck menu also includes a variety of side items that will make your meal even better. Try out the bruschetta board that is easy to share. Our salads include fresh leafy greens and toppings along with house made salad dressing. Charcuterie boards are easy to share. We have so many options so you can easily customize your retirement party! 

Various Catering Services to Select 

No retirement party will ever be the same so we make sure our patrons are able to select what type of service will fit their needs. Our food truck can come out to your event and set up to take orders whenever your guests are ready. This allows our team to make the food fresh on the spot and create some excitement for your party. This type of option is perfect for larger and outdoor events. We can also have your order prepared the day of your event and bring it to you hot and ready to eat. This also allows you to choose options outside of the food truck menu such as our pasta bar.  

Oak Wood Fire Pizza Is Here 

Start planning today for your retirement party by reserving our best catering services in Phoenix today. We can help you host any size event. Come see how our wood fire pizza always makes a difference. Contact us today! 


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