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Payson Pizza Catering

Payson Pizza Catering

If you are looking to throw the next great backyard bash or private event, you may be exploring options for your catering services. One of the most important aspects of planning any event is finding food that each of your guests will love and enjoy. This can be tricky when we all have different preferences. One choice that practically everyone will enjoy is pizza. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we have been supplying the Phoenix Valley with a variety of catering services, including our pizza cart. This allows our team to dish out tasty pizzas on the go for smaller events. This service is now available in Payson, making sure our northern Arizona neighbors are taken care of too. Take a look at what you can expect from this Payson pizza service:

Mobile Brick Oven

Just as the name suggests, our pizza cart is a mobile brick oven that lets us quickly set up at your private event. The mobile brick oven is small enough to fit in most outdoor places so you will not have to worry about rearranging anything. You will not have to worry about manning the cart either, as one of our professional pizza chefs will be on hand creating each dish for you. Guests will be able to order from the pizza cart whenever they get hungry. If this sounds like your type of catering service for pizza in Payson, make sure to ask about it today!

Plenty of Pizza Options

As mentioned, no one wants to be restricted when it comes to the meals available with your catering order. Our pizza cart is able to provide any of our pizza options found on the food truck menu. This includes classic favorites such as the pepperoni pizza complete with our house-made sauce, tons of cheese, and plenty of pepperoni. Each pizza starts out as hand-tossed dough that makes for the perfect crust. Our house-made red sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese then cover it from top to bottom. Our toppings are fresh and never frozen and make our pizza what it is. Additional options such as the Spicy Mario elevated flavor to a whole new level for you to experience. You can order something vegetarian-friendly with the Margherita Pizza and Funghi both coming with fresh toppings such as portobello mushrooms. There is no shortage of the flavor found in each slice of our hand-tossed pizzas. Simply let us know when booking our mobile oven services to plan for the type of pizzas your guests will be looking forward to the most.

Additional Sides and Much More to Order

Our pizza selection is not the only thing found on the menu at Oak Wood Fire Pizza. We can also add on a variety of delicious sides when you notify our team upon booking our service. Your Payson event is the perfect time to try out one of our salads for the very first time. Our Oak Wood Chop salad is a crunchy salad with iceberg lettuce, aged provolone cheese, pepperoni, English cucumber, and a tasty lemon vinaigrette. The Caprese Salad is a classic Italian salad with fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil, and black pepper. Additional sides also include our starters with bruschetta boards that offer a crunchy bite with rich toppings. The Fig & Apple bruschetta has fig jam, shaved granny smith apple, and mascarpone spread. The Garden Tomato is just like our Caprese Salad but on toasted bread! If you are looking to save on the carbs try out the Caprese Skewers that also features a combo of tomato, basil, and mozzarella but on a stick! Dessert options are always a favorite with our customers that include our tiramisu and mini cannoli. These treats are individually sized but can be shared if you absolutely need to. Add on some drinks so no one goes thirsty that includes canned soda, bottled water, and house made lemonade that comes in a mason jar. How fun!

Type of Events to Be Catered

We understand the Payson is a beautiful destination in Arizona and the perfect location to host any kind of special event. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we have been serving a variety of different events over the years. We make sure that every event goes off without a hitch so you can enjoy your time with your guests. We have catered events such as birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, rehearsal dinners, weddings, and much more. All of these events can now be catered around Payson and other northern Arizona locations for your convenience.

Book Today for Pizza in Payson

Wait no longer and let our catering team take care of your next private event up in Payson. There is so much this service can provide, and it helps take away some of the responsibilities you may typically have to worry about. Simply call today and see how our Payson pizza catering team will make your private event the best it can be.


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