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Our Phoenix Spring Inspired Pizzas

Our Phoenix Spring Inspired Pizzas

Spring is finally here, and with it comes an explosion of delightful flavors. Spring is often seen as a time of life and renewal as many plants spring back to life after a colder than usual winter. We frequently look forward to spring, as we gather some of the best produce during this time of year to use for our pizzas. Spring produce is often more vibrant and full of flavor and will make for a completely different experience than what you have had before. Some of our spring inspired pizzas will be a great choice to order the next time you find our food truck or book our catering services. Here are some of our Our Phoenix Spring Inspired Pizzas: 

Margherita Pizza 

When you want to keep things simple, you might as well go with the Margherita Pizza that is a step above the rest. This is a classic Italian favorite that features fresh spring herbs, including basil on top. Additional ingredients also include fresh mozzarella cheese and extra virgin olive oil. The pizza uses are house made red sauce that is a tasty combination of herbs and spices. Margherita Pizza is a great vegetarian friendly option too as it has no meat on it. Talk about a great spring pizza to start with! 


When it comes to a white pizza, you cannot go wrong with our Bianca. This a perfect spring favorite as the white sauce keeps the pizza from being too heavy after you enjoy it. The Bianca also features a variety of fresh produce and toppings that when spring fresh add tons of flavor. These toppings include roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes, charred onion, basil, and garlic. Add in some mozzarella cheese and you have an award-winning combination! 

The Prosciutto 

Another pizza that is always light and delicious to enjoy in spring is the Prosciutto. This decadent treat comes ricotta cheese along with fig jam, arugula, and honey. The arugula will be especially flavorful in the spring with a fresh harvest with find. This is another great option that is vegetarian friendly. 


One produce option that you may not immediately think of being especially tasty in the spring are mushrooms. This is a great topping for any pizza especially when you add in hearty portobello mushrooms on our Funghi pizza. In addition to these tasty mushrooms, it will also include cremini, arugula, and white truffle oil. Some parmesan cheese is added on top for even more flavor! 

Wood Fire Oven Pizzas 

When you have so many options to choose from for pizza restaurants in Phoenix, you may be thinking, why choose Oak Wood Fire Pizza? What you will find from us is our pizzas are baked to perfection in our wood fire oven. This ensures a nice crispy crust with a nice hot and gooey center. Each of our pizzas are made with hand tossed dough, prepared fresh every day. We then create our pizza sauce by hand as well using a select blend of herbs and spices. While you now know that our produce toppings are the freshest in spring, you will also find that we use fresh and real cheese such as mozzarella for each pizza too. You simply cannot go wrong when you choose Oak Wood Fire Pizza for your special event.  

Ways to Cater Your Event 

Now that you know the type of spring-ready pizzas we offer, you may want to know the best ways to track it down. You can always visit our food truck found at many food truck events around the Phoenix Valley. We typically offer the entire food truck menu at these sites. Another way to get our delicious pizzas is to host a special event and hire our catering services. We can bring the food truck right to you and allow it to prepare pizzas as your guests get hungry. This also lets us use the entire food truck menu so everyone can pick out their favorites. This is a great option for outdoor events that can accommodate the space needed for the truck. If you are hosting an indoor event, you can have our team prepare the meal and bring it right to you. The food still arrives hot and ready to eat. This type of catering service also lets you order items not typically found on our food truck menu such as our pasta bar. You will find nothing but fresh ingredients especially during the summer when you choose Oak Wood Fire Pizza. 

Order Today with Oak Wood Fire Pizza 

Spring is finally here in Phoenix so get ready for some of these delicious spring ready pizzas. As you can see, we offer quite a few different options that use fresh produce for toppings. Don’t miss out on the fun and use our catering services today! Contact us today!


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