Welcome to Oakwood Fire PizzaTry Our Delicious Spring Pastas in Arizona
Try Our Delicious Spring Pastas in Arizona

Try Our Delicious Spring Pastas in Arizona

The spring season has been in full swing here in the Phoenix Valley, and we are loving the warmer weather. Spring typically signifies life, as areas around the state warm up. This is especially important for essential crops and produce that are used to make various foods, including our pizzas and pasta dishes. You will find that everything is fresher in the spring after the plentiful rainfall. This freshness allows ingredients to be more flavorful than ever. One of our menu items that benefits the most from fresh ingredients is our Spring Pastas in Arizona. You will find that enjoying a bowl of our pasta in the spring makes for a delicious treat at any special event. Take a look at what makes our pasta so special in the spring season: 

Fresh Ingredients for the Sauces 

One of the most important ingredients for any pasta bowl is the sauce. Just eating a bowl of plain pasta is never satisfying so we make sure to top it off with plenty of sauce. Our pasta dishes can be served with three different sauces: marina, pesto, and alfredo sauce. Marinara sauce has been a staple for generations and uses tomato sauce or paste as the base. Having bland or unripe tomatoes used for a pasta sauce will cause it to taste bad and not be satisfying. Fortunately, tomatoes always benefit from the spring season allowing them to be juicy and more plentiful. Our marinara sauce is made in house and uses fresh tomatoes in each batch. We also add in a special blend of herbs and spices to set it apart from everyone else. Trying our marinara sauce any time of the year is great but having it in the spring with the freshest of ingredients is truly special. Our pesto sauce also uses fresher ingredients in the spring too that often include basil, garlic, pine nuts, and cheese. Alfredo sauces typically are a little simpler to prepare by using cheese, butter, salt, and cream. Green pastures will ensure that cows are supplied with essential nutrients to ensure cheeses and creams are also tasting amazing. As you can see the spring season really does bring life to all of the essential sauces needed for our pasta sauces. 

Toppings to Include 

The spring season also helps out our toppings that we include in all of our pasta catering orders. Our patrons are able to add in toppings that include parmesan cheese, red chili flakes, roasted red peppers, caramelized onion, and fresh basil. Similar to ingredients our toppings are always best in the spring season after fresh harvests. Each topping adds in a special flavor to each pasta dish that will make sure it tastes absolutely amazing.  

Types of Spring Pastas 

There is no bad pasta to order up when you choose our catering services at Oak Wood Fire Pizza. You can enjoy a bowl of Penne Alfredo that features a combination of penne pasta, alfredo sauce, and a collection of our protein and topping options. Speaking of protein, our options include both chicken and sausage to throw on your pasta. Unsurprisingly our protein tastes richer than ever in the spring. You can also grab a classic bowl of rigatoni pasta with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. Yum! You can mix and match between two sauces, your choice of pasta, and your choice of protein when you choose our pasta catering options. 

How to Cater 

You have a variety of ways to enjoy our spring pastas from Oak Wood Fire Pizza. First, you can always have our standard catering service take care of your special event. Our team will be on hand providing incredible meals for you and your guests, including our pasta dishes. This is perfect for those who want to have specified food options for their guests. Another great way to enjoy our spring pastas is to upgrade to the action station at your special event. One of our chef attendants will on hand for this upgrade as we also provide a six-foot table with black linens, topping bowl, and cooking station. This allows our chef to prepare the pasta bowls fresh in a buffet style selection for your guests. If you prefer creativity for your guests this is the way to go. Our catering services also offer more than just pasta too. You can choose to have any of our wood fire pizzas to be available as well by having our food truck or one of our mobile pizza ovens come to you. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza we make sure to offer plenty of options for our patrons. 

Spring Pastas in Arizona are Ready to Eat 

Start planning for your next spring or summer event and have our spring pastas available for your guests. Catering food has never tasted this good before.  Contact us today!


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