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Menu Spotlight: Mini Cannoli

Menu Spotlight: Mini Cannoli

While pizza might be the name of our game at Oakwood Fire Pizza, we continue to offer a variety of delicious treats outside of our regular pizza menu. Our chefs pride themselves in creating delicious food from fresh ingredients for our customers to enjoy. What you may not know is that that menu expands past pizza and features a variety of treats you will love. From fresh salads to hearty skewers you can enjoy along with sweet treats that will satisfy you sweet tooth. Each option only uses fresh ingredients so you can expect everything to be prepared right as you order. The next time you are looking to complete your meal, look no further than our dessert menu. Our dessert options are available in our mobile food truck and can also be added to any catering order. One of our favorites (and a frequent customer favorite as well!) is the always delicious mini cannoli. This Italian treat is a bite-sized version of your favorite dessert dish but with our unique twist, we like to add to our menu here at Oak Wood Fire Pizza.

Rich and Creamy Dessert

If you have never tried a cannoli, you need to change that as soon as possible! A cannoli is a classic Italian dessert that is created using a fried pastry dough that is rolled into a shell and filled with incredible mascarpone or Italian cream cheese. Our mini cannolis are exactly that but bite-sized, so your sweet tooth is not overwhelmed. The mini cannoli is also filled with our specialty chocolate chip mascarpone cheese; think of this as fancy cream cheese but with sprinkles of rich chocolate chips in it. This dessert item is perfect for an after dinner treat or to cool off on the warm days for which Phoenix is known.

Where to Order Our Mini Cannoli

You can track down our mini cannoli anytime you find our food truck in the area. Our dessert items are always available until they run out. Simply take a look at our calendar to see when the Oakwood Fire Pizza food truck will be in your area! We will not judge anyone who comes to our food truck for this scrumptious treat alone! You can also add our dessert items to your next catering order. You can have our food truck come out to your special event. After dinner has been served (with our award-winning pizza, of course) you can see what else is on the menu. Your guests can order this treat whenever they are ready for dessert. Or ask about our drop off catering service where the food can be prepared the day of and brought directly to you. This drop off catering service even includes dessert-making sure it arrives ready to eat. Either way, you will be able to taste this delicious treat for yourself.

Dessert and Tiramisu

While it may be hard to say no to our mini cannoli, we offer more options than just this. Do not pass up an opportunity to order the tiramisu when you are looking for a delicious dessert. Our tiramisu is everything you can expect to find from this classic Italian treat. We take ladyfingers and slowly dip them in coffee before they are topped off with decadent mascarpone. We guarantee this treat is even more delicious than regular versions of tiramisu that you have tried at other restaurants. The options at Oak Wood Fire Pizza are just as endless as the ways you can customize your pizza toppings. As you can see, we have all Italian dessert options on lock and ready for you taste them yourself.

Contact Us with Any Questions

If you have any questions on the ingredients in our mini cannolis or wish to see where you can order it simply give us a call. As mentioned, you can find these delicious cannoli anytime we have our food truck set up and taking orders. This also includes special events and festivals you can find us at around the Phoenix Valley. Last but certainly not least you can find the mini cannoli along with everything else on the menu (and more!) up for grabs when you place a catering order with us. We are available by phone at 602-526-5493 or by email at viviannad@oakwoodfirepizza.com. No question is too big or small when it comes to our desserts!


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