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Easter Celebration Phoenix Pizza Catering

Easter Celebration Phoenix Pizza Catering

If you celebrate Easter each year you know that the holiday is an important event for those in your family. Easter celebrations are a great time to get together with your loved ones for an exciting time like no other. It is a holiday that is looked forward to by both adults and children. Of course, no special event will ever be remembered if you supply your guests with bland and mediocre food that is forgettable. Instead, let our pizza win over your guests from Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Our catering team will be able to make sure you are ready for your event and let you take care of the rest of your hosting duties. Take a look at what our Easter Celebration Phoenix Pizza Catering service can do for you:

Oak Wood Fire Pizza to the Rescue

One of great aspects of pizza is that it is a food option that everyone loves. Seriously, go ask anyone you know if they hate pizza, and we guarantee that most individuals will not have the heart to say yes. Pizza is a great option for a special event like Easter as it is easy to eat and even easier to clean up after. Oak Wood Fire Pizza offers some of the best pizza in the Phoenix Valley for you to choose from. Each of our pizzas are created with fresh ingredients. It starts with freshly prepared dough that is hand tossed to form the perfect crust. It is then covered in our house made pizza sauce that is made with a unique blend of herbs and spices. Finally, we covered it in a ton of fresh cheese and toppings before it is baked to perfection in our wood fire oven. These pizzas are served as personal 10” pizzas that can be enjoyed on your own or with a loved one. Our entire food truck menu is available for you to choose from too. This includes each of our tasty pizza offerings. Keep it simple with our pepperoni pizza that is always a staple for a party. The Funghi is a unique pizza for mushroom lovers that is covered with portobello and cremini mushrooms. Try out the Buffalo Mozzarella pizza that is a favorite of ours. This hefty pizza comes with chicken, hot sauce, buttermilk ranch dressing, blue cheese, and red onions. The Spicy Mario is perfect for spice lovers everywhere. Try out this pizza topped off with Calabrian chilis, pepperoni, and spicy sausage. Each of these pizzas are sure to be an instant favorite for whoever orders it so try them all at your Easter celebration!

The Pasta Bar Is a Great Option

If you have visited our food truck before, you may have found that our food truck menu is full of pizza and side items. Our catering services in Phoenix allow you to enjoy a variety of food items that are not typically found on the food truck menu and are exclusive to catering. This includes our pasta bar that customizable to what you want for your event. You get to choose what goes into the pasta bar. You pick out the pasta from options such as rigatoni and penne pasta. Next up is the pasta sauce, with options including marinara, pesto, and alfredo sauce. Protein options you can pick include Italian sausage and chicken. Finally, you get to choose additional toppings such as parmesan cheese, roasted red pepper, red chili flakes, fresh basil, and much more. One of our team members will run the pasta bar for you so you can enjoy your party and food!

Side Items to Add In

When you choose our catering services, you can also add in additional items from the food truck menu. This includes options such bruschetta and charcuterie boards. Our salad options are a great way to add in some greens to your meal. We provide a variety of drinks such as house made lemonade served in mason jars, bottled water, and canned soda.

Catering Your Easter Celebration

Oak Wood Fire Pizza started as a food truck company before expanding our operations. You can have our food truck come out to your event for catering. The truck can take orders whenever your guests get hungry and make them on the spot. This is great for outdoor events that are larger. We can also drop off a pizza oven there too in case you do not have room for the entire pizza truck. Indoor events can have your food order prepared right before it starts and have the food brought hot and ready to eat. You have plenty of ways to enjoy our pizza!

Easter Is Almost Here

Get ready for an incredible opportunity for your Easter celebration by reserving our catering services today. See why our pizza is the best in Phoenix and why your guests will never forget your event. Contact us today!


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