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Rehearsal Dinner Chandler Catering AZ

Rehearsal Dinner Chandler Catering AZ

When you are planning for a wedding, you will eventually realize the momentous occasion is not the only thing that needs to be planned out. Weddings include a variety of additional side events, including the rehearsal dinner. This is a great time to practice for the big moment while treating your wedding party to an incredible meal. We have been providing catering services to the Phoenix Valley for years now. You can enjoy our incredible food with amazing service. Our catering AZ services are now also available in Chandler, too! Take a look at what you can expect:

Better When Relaxed

Planning for a wedding is always stressful, so let us take care of your rehearsal dinner in Chandler. Fancy dinners are always enjoyable in moderation but maybe a little too much for a rehearsal dinner. Instead, grab a hold of our delicious pizzas that will win over your wedding party on the first bite. You won’t find a five-course dinner here but instead some of the best pizza and sides in all of the Phoenix Valley and Chandler.

Trusted Catering Company

The Phoenix Valley has hundreds if not thousands of different catering companies advertising their services to you. It can be difficult to find a trusted source that has a believable reputation to back up their claims. Our professional team is more than up to handle the task of your rehearsal dinner here in Chandler. When you schedule a catering order with us, one of our team members will be able to explain all of the fine details that you need to know. We will be with you every step of the way, so you feel confident in your decision to trust our team. Once you have tasted our pizza, you will be glad you looked nowhere else!

Pizza and So Much More

From the name Oak Wood Fire Pizza, you might have caught on that we provide oven-fired pizzas. These pizzas are handmade, including the dough and sauce. We hand toss everything to perfection. Our wood fire oven bakes up the perfect pizza with just the right amount of chewy pizza crust that is crunchy on the outside. Next up are our wonderful toppings that are never frozen for a fresh bite. We offer a wide variety of pizzas to satisfy any craving you have. Picky eaters will find nothing wrong with our pepperoni pizza that uses fresh cheese and meat. For those looking to try our unique offerings, look no further than the Prosciutto for a blend of arugula, honey, fig jam, and ricotta cheese.

Additional specialty pizzas make sure everyone in your party has something to satisfy their cravings. Mushroom lovers and vegetarians will love the Funghi with portobello, cremini, and a white truffle oil. The Bianca offers marinated artichokes, roasted red peppers, charred onion, and extra virgin olive oil. The Buffalo Mozzarella is perfect for all of the wing lovers out there with toppings of chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese, and a buttermilk ranch. While pizza makes up most of our menu, we also feature plenty more options. You can enjoy a variety of appetizers and sides to complete your meal! This includes a healthy selection of leafy green salads. The Oak Wood Chop salad offers a crunchy bite with its aged provolone, mixed greens, pepperoni, English cucumber, and our house made lemon vinaigrette dressing. The Caprese Salad is an Italian classic with garden tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction, and extra virgin olive oil. You can also order the Caprese Salad as a skewer or bruschetta board for even more options! There are plenty of items that are also easy to share amongst your table. Our bruschetta options offer a crunchy bite with fresh toppings. Try out the Garden Tomato Bruschetta for a delicious combination of tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese, and a balsamic reduction. The Fig & Apple Bruschetta is a decadent treat; it comes with shaved granny smith apple, fig jam, and mascarpone spread. We also provide starters that multiple people can jump on into. This includes the spinach and artichoke parmesan dip served with flat bread or the charcuterie board. The board is the perfect display of various meats, cheeses, artisanal crackers, dried fruit, nuts, and jam.

Dessert is just as important so do not skip out when ordering at your rehearsal dinner. Our dessert menu includes our mini cannoli that are full of chocolate chip mascarpone. The tiramisu is just as delicious and features espresso-soaked lady fingers, mascarpone, and cocoa powder. We also have the drinks taken care of as well. Our offering includes canned and bottled soda, bottled water, and our house made lemonade that is served in cute mason jars. As you can tell we can cater the entire rehearsal dinner with ease!

Catering AZ Orders

Your catering AZ order can be handled in one of two ways: have our food truck come out to host your event at the venue or have our team prepare your order in advance. Having the food truck come out to you is a great way for outdoor spaces that have enough room; the entire food truck menu is available to choose from. This is an especially festive way to cater your event with your guests being able to pick out their meal in person from the truck. Each item is prepared as it is ordered so nothing is ever sitting out. Our delivery orders let you choose from an even bigger menu that also includes pasta and additional entrees. Our team is able to prepare the food the day of the event and then brought directly to you. No food will ever be cold or stale and instead ready to be enjoyed. The pasta bars allow you to cater to big groups in a buffet-style similar to many wedding events. Either way, your meal will be hot and ready to eat!

Plenty of Catering Options

At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we have an extensive history of providing catering services all across Arizona. We have been able to witness firsthand many happy couples tying the big knot together. We also provide our catering services to a variety of events not just ones related to weddings. We often cater to special events including birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, family reunions, and many more. Have a company and are looking to show some appreciation for your employees? Schedule a corporate event and have our team take care of the food. We can make any event livelier than ever when our catering services are on hand to help you out. Choose no one else but Oak Wood Fire Pizza for your catering services!

Schedule Your Catering Order Today

As you can see, our catering AZ services will really turn up your rehearsal dinner another notch or two. Getting started is easy; simply email us at viviannad@oakwoodfirepizza.com to place your order. Our food truck will take care of your catering needs anytime in Chandler!


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