Chandler Wedding Catering in Arizona

Chandler Wedding Catering in Arizona

It is time for your big day. Are you looking forward to the catering service you ordered or regretting the choice you made? Make sure you don’t fall into the latter category and choose Oak Wood Fire Pizza for your wedding catering here in Chandler! Our catering team has been slinging away in the Phoenix metro for years and now brings their experience to the city of Chandler. Our AZ wedding catering services can make your wedding one your guests will never forget. Take a look at what you can expect:

Budget-Friendly AZ Wedding Catering

Weddings are already an expensive event to plan around; there are many details you want to get just right! One of these factors will be the meal for you and your guests to enjoy. Do not waste your entire wedding budget on a bland meal. Instead, our wedding catering in Arizona can provide you with a budget-friendly meal that tastes absolutely incredible. Having a meal such as pizza is not a step down with our meal plans for a wedding. Instead, you will find your guests excited for a more relaxed fare that includes their favorite dish: pizza! Seriously, we challenge you to find someone who absolutely cannot stand pizza. We have not been able to find that kind of person! Save some extra money while still providing a delicious and memorable meal with our pizza and side items.

Trusted Across the Valley

Residents of Chandler will know all too well just how many different restaurants and catering services exist in the city. Chandler has continued to grow in size and with it comes even more catering services who claim to offer the best. Let our successful history of catering prove to you why our team is trusted time and time again to host memorable events such as weddings. Our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your meal will go off without a hitch. Whenever you place your order, our team will make sure your event venue and plans can support what you are looking for with the meal. You will also be ecstatic for your decision once you taste just how delicious our pizza can be!

Start with the Pizza

Our AZ wedding catering team will start you off with our award-winning pizzas made right. Each pizza starts off as hand-tossed dough covered in our house-made pizza sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Toppings are always fresh and bountiful. We bake up our pizzas in a wood fire oven that makes each pizza have the perfect bite and chewy interior. We offer a variety of pizzas you can choose from. You can never go wrong with simple pizzas such as the pepperoni, but you can also get more adventurous with one of our house specialties that use additional sauces and toppings. This includes our adventurous Funghi pizza that is topped off with loads of cremini, portobello, and white truffle oil for a vegetarian treat. The Buffalo Chicken Pizza will be a favorite for any wing lovers out there with its hot sauce, chicken, onions, and buttermilk ranch dressing on top. The Spicy Mario is another favorite for spice lovers out there; it features pepperoni, spicy sausage, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, and Calabrian chilis. Our food truck menu features a total of seven different pizza pies for you to choose from. Each pizza is served in a personal size so you can enjoy it all at once. Add on a starter or side to make it a full meal.

Our menu also offers a variety of starters and sides that will help you satisfy any picky eater in your group. The salads include the Oak Chop Salad that offers up mixed greens topped with aged provolone cheese, English cucumber, tomato, and our house made lemon vinaigrette dressing. The Caprese Salad is the classic Italian salad you love with fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato, and a balsamic reduction; guests can even order the Caprese as a skewer or a bruschetta board for even more options! The Fig & Apple Bruschetta is a decadent treat with fig jam, shaved granny smith apple, and a mascarpone spread. Your table can share a starter such as the spinach artichoke parmesan dip that is served with flat bread or the charcuterie board with a variety of meats and cheeses. Never forget about dessert or the kids may be mad for the night. Instead, treat them to a delicious treat such as the tiramisu that features lady fingers soaked in espresso and topped with cocoa powder and mascarpone spread. The mini cannoli is a bite sized version of the classic treat with chocolate chip mascarpone. Wash it all down with one of our canned or bottled sodas, bottled waters, or house made lemonades that is served in a mason jar.

Secret Catering Menu Items

Guests who choose to have their catering service prepared the day of the event will also be able to order additional items not found on our food truck menu. This includes popular items such as our pasta bar. We can create huge platters of delicious pasta that is served buffet style. This is perfect for those who want a buffet style meal to treat their guests. Additional items from our sister restaurants may also be available for you to choose from. We always make sure our guests have plenty of options at Oak Wood Fire Pizza!

How the Catering Works

We understand that no two weddings will ever look the same. You can customize your AZ wedding catering service to what suits your wedding. One option is having our food truck come out to you. We can set up at the wedding venue, allowing your guests to order whenever they get hungry. This is perfect for those with an outdoor venue that has plenty of space for us to set up. Guests will be able to order whenever they get hungry. We can set up at the wedding venue, allowing your guests to order whenever they get hungry. Having the food truck on hand is a great way to drum up the excitement for the event; everyone loves ordering from a food truck, especially when they can smell the aroma of the currently baking pizzas in the oven! Another great option is having our team prepare your order in advance. The food will be brought to you fresh and ready to eat, saving you even more space at your event venue. You will never find the food to arrive hot and never stale; think of it as a fancy pizza delivery service! Ordering with this type of catering service also allows you to order additional items not found on our typical food truck menu such as our pasta bars. We can set up at the wedding venue, allowing your guests to order whenever they get hungry. This is perfect for those with an outdoor venue that has plenty of space for us to set up. Guests will be able to order whenever they get hungry. Nice!

Get Started with Your Wedding Catering Today

Reserving our wedding catering in Arizona for your big day starts by emailing us at There is no wedding that is too big or small for our expert team to take care of. Come see why everyone chooses Oak Wood Fire Pizza for their special events in Chandler!


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