Chandler Pizza Food Cart

Chandler Pizza Food Cart

The East Valley has its fair share of pizza joints in the area, and it can be difficult to choose one for your next special event. Luckily, we make the choice as easy as ever when you see all of the incredible catering services we currently offer to those living in Chandler. If you are looking for a catering service that makes it quick and easy for your guests to get fed, look no further than our pizza food cart service. This catering service has our pizzas hot and ready to eat just in time for your guests. Take a look at what this service can entail you:

Mobile Pizza Food Cart on the Go

Just as the name suggests, our pizza cart is a mobile cart that helps us create hot and ready to eat pizzas on-site. Your special event will be provided with our award-winning offerings so your guests can satisfy their hunger. This catering service is perfect for those who do not wish to wait around, as our pizzas are baked fresh in the wood fire oven. The mobile food cart makes it easy to navigate your event so everyone is satisfied. We even have our staff on hand serving your guests, so you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to event planning. Now that is some prime service!

Our Award-Winning Pizza

Having a simple and easy catering service is one thing, but you need the delicious pizza to back it up. Luckily, our pizza cart service in Chandler comes with all of our award-winning pizzas just the way you like them. This includes classic pizzas on our food truck menu such as the pepperoni pizza with fresh cheese and pepperoni. You can mix it up with our Funghi using fresh mushrooms for a unique pizza pie. Regardless of which pizza your guest is wanting our mobile pizza food cart will be happy to serve it hot and ready to eat.

Pick Our Chandler Service Today

Getting ready for your next special event has never been easier. For those in Chandler you will be happy to know our pizza cart service is now available and ready to serve you. Just give us a call at Oak Wood Fire Pizza and schedule your pizza cart service in Chandler, Gilbert, or anywhere in AZ today.


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