Arizona Wedding Rehearsal Catering

Arizona Wedding Rehearsal Catering

Planning a wedding is not as simple as just picking out a date for the big day. Instead, the engaged couple have a variety of activities and events to plan around; this includes the important wedding rehearsal. Practicing before your big day will make sure things go off without a hitch. Providing your wedding party with a delicious dinner and get together is typically a part of any wedding rehearsal. Make sure to get them something absolutely delicious with our Arizona wedding rehersal catering services at Oak Wood Fire Pizza. No one can say no to pizza, and ours is as fresh as ever. Take a look at what your wedding rehearsal can look like when you choose our services:

Delicious Pizza Every Time

When it comes to the best pizza in the Phoenix Valley, we are happy to say that Oak Wood Fire Pizza knows how to deliver. You can have our award-winning pizza at your wedding rehearsal dinner when you choose our catering services for the event. Our pizza is always fresh and never stale. Each pie starts with our hand tossed dough that is made from scratch daily. We cover it with our delicious red sauce that is made with a unique blend of spices and herbs. Next, we cover it with fresh cheese and toppings that are never frozen. Our wood fire oven always bakes the pizza to perfection for the perfect blend of chewy middle and crispy crust. If you don’t take our word for it, simply try it out for yourself.

Our entire food truck menu is available for our catering services. We offer a variety of different pizzas, all served as an individual pizza to enjoy on your own. You can always keep things classic with a pepperoni pizza or try out some of our more unique offerings on the menu. Our Buffalo Mozzarella pizza will remind you of your favorite sports bar with its toppings that include hot sauce chicken, mozzarella and blue cheeses, buttermilk ranch dressing, and red onions. Mushroom lovers with appreciate the Funghi and its toppings of cremini, portobello mushrooms, and white truffle oil. The Spicy Mario is great for spice lovers as the Calabrian chilis and spicy sausage will warm the tongue. Stick with your favorite or try something new during the event!

Create a Pasta Bar

Another great option for your wedding rehearsal dinner is to set up a pasta bar that allows for plenty of flexibility. This Arizona wedding rehersal catering service exclusive lets you create your own pasta bar that provides plenty of options. You get to pick out all of the parts of the pasta bar, including the sauces; choose from alfredo, marinara, or pesto sauces. Choose the pasta from options such as penne pasta and rigatoni. You can always add on some additional protein between chicken or sausage. We have quite a few toppings to pick from including fresh basil, parmesan cheese, caramelized onion, roasted red peppers, red chili flakes, and more. One of our team members can be on hand during your wedding rehearsal dinner to serve your guests so you can focus on the event at hand. Don’t miss out on this great option!

Additional Menu Items

As mentioned, you will have access to the rest of our food truck menu for the event. The menu features plenty of classic favorites that will add even more flavor to your event. Try out one of our healthy salads that use leafy greens and fresh toppings. Grab something to share among each table such as a charcuterie board or our spinach artichoke parmesan dip. We offer some bruschetta options that blend toasted bread with hearty toppings. Of course, you will need some drinks to help wash it all down with. Go with our house made lemonade served in mason jars and come in a variety of flavors. You can also choose from a variety of canned soda and bottled water too. Now that is quite a few options!

Ways to Cater Your Event

We can cater your wedding rehearsal dinner in a variety of ways. First, we can always have our food truck come out to the event. This is perfect for outdoor events with plenty of space and ones with plenty of guests. You can choose from the entire food truck menu. We can also bring out our mobile pizza oven instead if you are limited on space. Our Arizona wedding rehersal catering team can also prepare your order the day of your event so you do not have to worry about our team being at the event.

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