Wedding Catering in Paradise Valley

Wedding Catering in Paradise Valley

Have you ever been to a wedding and find that the bride and groom selected a basic food option, leaving you unsatisfied? We have all been there, so make sure your wedding stands out among others with our wedding catering service from Oak Wood Fire Pizza. Our catering team has been servicing the Phoenix Valley for years, turning weddings into exciting bashes that guests remember for years to come. Our catering services are now available for Paradise Valley, making them more available than ever.

Fresh Pizza Every Time

Our Paradise Valley catering menu features all of the exciting items on our food truck menu. Each pizza is baked to perfection in a wood fire oven found on the truck. We start with hand tossed dough to form soft yet crunchy crusts. The house made pizza sauce uses a unique blend of spices that brings out all the flavors. Finally, we cover the pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese and toppings for an unbelievable experience. Every ingredient is fresh and never frozen so you know that you will be tasting the best pizza around town. Our selection of pizzas is nothing to scoff at either. You will find the perfect option such as Pepperoni for the classic pizza lovers. If you are feeling more adventurous try one of our exclusive pies such as the Funghi with portobello mushrooms and white truffle oil. The Prosciutto offers a decadent treat with ricotta cheese, fig jam, honey, and arugula. Each of our seven pizza dishes will be your new favorite at Oak Wood Fire Pizza.

More to Order

The options from our Paradise Valley catering service do not end at pizzas either. Instead, we can pair everything with additional options such as salads and bruschetta bread. Our salad options use leafy greens and tasty toppings. The Oak Wood Chop is a decadent treat with aged provolone cheese, pepperoncini, pepperoni, and lemon vinaigrette dressing; the caprese salad is the classic Italian favorite with mozzarella cheese, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic reduction. The bruschetta boards take your salad and lays it out on toasted bread. The garden tomato bruschetta is just like the caprese salad while the fig and apple bruschetta offers a sweet treat with fig jam and mascarpone spread. There are plenty of options that are easy to share among others. Order the spinach and artichoke parmesan dip that is served with flatbread so everyone can enjoy it. The charcuterie board comes with a variety of meats, cheeses, nuts, jam, and crackers.

We can also take care of your drink needs by offering a variety of bottled water and canned soda. We even offer our signature house made lemonade that is served in 32-ounce mason jars that will make everything taste even better. Finally, end your meal with one of our tasty dessert options. The mini cannoli are a bite sized Italian classic with chocolate chip mascarpone. Our tiramisu takes another classic and soaks it in espresso and then topped off with cocoa powder and mascarpone. Let your guests pick out what they want to have a fantastic meal!

More Paradise Valley Catering Options

Weddings are complicated events to plan out, especially when you have hundreds of guests. We offer multiple ways to order our Paradise Valley catering services to make it easier than ever. Our food truck can host your wedding reception, allowing guests to order their food whenever the time is right. If your wedding venue does not have the space for the food truck, we can also prepare the food in advance. Our team will create your order and have it delivered just in time for the reception. Each item is hot and ready to eat and is sure to satisfy your guests. Let us know what we can do to make your event easier to plan!

Cater All of Your Special Events

As you can see, we can cater any wedding celebration thrown our way to great avail. Not only do we cater weddings but also any kind of special event. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we have experience catering events such as birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, bar mitzvahs, family reunions, and much more. Any of our catering services can be available for these special occasions making it easy on you to get to planning. Don’t let any mediocre service attempt to handle your next special occasion here in Arizona. We can handle any event all over the Phoenix area and not just in Paradise Valley; this includes areas of Northern Arizona such as Sedona and Flagstaff too!

Prepare Your Order Today

As you can see, planning for a wedding can be easier than ever when you choose our wedding catering services now available in Paradise Valley. Email today to see when our services are available for you. Get ready for award-winning pizza at your wedding reception!


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