Super Bowl Party Catering in Arizona

Super Bowl Party Catering in Arizona

Are you gearing up for another exciting season with the NFL? If so, you are probably already planning ahead for the Super Bowl. This final matchup of the year is always best enjoyed with a lively party among friends and family. Super Bowl parties always include a variety of delicious food to help you make it through the entire game. This year, instead of preparing your own food let us provide you with some wonderful catering services. Oak Wood Fire Pizza is known for our array of delicious pizzas made fresh daily and a variety of tasty sides. Picking our catering services will allow you to focus on your guests and enjoy the game yourself. Take a look at how our Super Bowl Party catering services can make the most of your Super Bowl party:

Fire Up the Pizza

When it comes to the best pizza in town you better believe that is what we have to offer. Our wood fire pizza allows our pizza to stand out above the rest. Each of our pizzas are baked in our special wood fire oven allowing each pizza to develop the perfect ratio of crunch crust and gooey interior. We prepare each of our pizzas the same way each morning. The dough is made from scratch and hand tossed to perfection. We then cover it in our house made pizza sauce that uses a variety of herbs and spices. We do not skimp out on the mozzarella cheese and fresh toppings that are never frozen. Our entire food truck menu is available for you to choose from including each of our tasty pizza offerings. We offer classic pizzas such as our pepperoni pizzas perfect for any picky eaters at your party. Vegetarians will love the Margherita that comes topped with fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, and red sauce. They will also love the Funghi that is perfect for mushrooms lovers. You will find this pizza topped with cremini, portobello mushrooms, and white truffle oil. Get spicy with the Spicy Mario that features spicy sausage and Calabrian chilis. Since it is the big game, you may want to try out our Buffalo Mozzarella pizza. This option will have you thinking of your favorite sports bar and chicken wings. The pizza comes topped off with chicken, hot sauce, buttermilk ranch dressing, blue cheese, and red onions. You have plenty of options to choose from and each pizza comes in a 10” size perfect to enjoy on your own!

Check Out the Pasta Bar

Another classic dish that is perfect for parties is pasta. We offer a special pasta bar option that is exclusive to our catering services. This popular option lets you create a pasta dish of your very own. We let you choose everything you want in the pasta from the sauce to the toppings. First select your choice of pasta from rigatoni and penne pasta. We offer a few sauce options such as marinara, pesto, and alfredo. There are a few protein options to throw on top including sausage and chicken. Our final step is to throw on some tasty toppings that include caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, red chili flakes, fresh basil, and parmesan cheese. We will also be on hand to run the pasta bar for you. This let you focus on the big game and attending to your guests for any other needs.

Throw in Some Sides

You can choose from the rest of our food truck menu as well when choosing our Super Bowl Party catering services. Add on some sides to keep you guests hunger at bay until the pizzas are ready. Side items you can throw in include our bruschetta options that feature toasted bread and tasty toppings. Some items that can easily be shared in front of the TV include our artichoke parmesan dip and charcuterie boards. Our drink selection is impressive too with a variety of bottled water, canned soda, and house made lemonade. There is no wrong option here!

How to Cater for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl party is going to be an event like no other when you choose our catering services. We provide these services in a variety of ways to ensure the needs of your party are met. You can have our food truck come out to you and take orders from your guests when they get hungry. You can also have your order prepared in advance and have it brought to your door hot and ready to eat. Each option is a great way to go at it so simply let us know which you prefer!

Book Our Catering Services Today

The Super Bowl will be here before you know it, so make sure to start planning today. Contact our team to inquire further about how our catering services can make your party the best one yet.


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