Sedona Mobile Woodfired Pizza Catering Oven

Sedona Mobile Woodfired Pizza Catering Oven

Are you looking for an exciting catering service that offers a unique service along with delicious food to go with it? If so, our catering services from Oak Wood Fire Pizza are sure to set your special event apart from all the others. We are able to provide a variety of catering services to most areas of the Valley, and we also serve Sedona as well. One of our most popular options is having our mobile woodfired pizza catering oven come out to your event. This catering service is a great way to have delicious pizza made for an outdoor event in Sedona. Let’s take a look at how it stacks up:

Mobile Pizza Oven Brought to You

There has never been a better time to showcase the incredible selection of catering services we offer. Instead of just having our food truck travel across the Valley, we are able to provide a multitude of options. This includes our mobile woodfired pizza catering oven that can easily do the trick for any outdoor event. If you are in Sedona and looking to have delicious pizza served to your guests, look no further than this catering option. Our mobile pizza catering oven uses the same oven we have in our food truck but without the truck itself. It makes it even more portable and can be set up in any outdoor space. It requires less room and can still make any of our delicious pizzas. Simply have your guests order whenever they get hungry, and you will have a great special event on your hands. Each pizza is baked to order, so nothing is sitting around getting cold.

Only Fresh Ingredients from Us

You might go to some pizza places and notice a freezer full of ingredients. That is not how Oak Wood Fire Pizza operates. Our Sedona catering service is like our food truck service in that we only use fresh ingredients, including our hand tossed dough and house made pizza sauce. With the combination of these two and fresh toppings, you will have never tasted a better pizza before. Quality ingredients and top-level service make our catering service one that cannot be compared to here in Sedona.

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