Arizona Quinceanera Food Catering

Arizona Quinceanera Food Catering

For many Hispanic families in the Phoenix area there is no more important event than a quinceañera. This special occasion occurs whenever a young girl turns the age of 15 years to signal her upcoming adulthood. Quinceañeras are celebrated with an extravagant party filled with friends and family. If you are planning an upcoming quinceañera you will be in need of a catering service to take care of your special event. Let Oak Wood Fire Pizza cater your event so everyone can dig in on some delicious wood fire pizza. Take a look at what our Arizona quinceanera food catering services have to offer:

Fresh Pizza Every Time

At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we pride ourselves in having some of the best pizza in the entire Phoenix Valley. Pizza is a great dish to serve at special events since it is so easy to eat and is especially tasty. Our pizzas are always fresh and never sitting around for hours. We prepare all of the dough by hand to make for the perfect crust. Our pizza sauce is made fresh in house every day. Every one of the toppings are fresh and never frozen. This all combines together perfectly in our wood fire oven for an irresistible treat. Our catering menu has all of our delicious pizzas that we currently on the menu and more. This includes our classic margherita pizza that features fresh mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and red sauce. Keep things simple with the pepperoni that has red sauce, mozzarella, and of course pepperoni. The Funghi is a unique pizza for mushroom lovers that is topped with cremini, portobello mushroom, and white truffle oil. The Buffalo Mozzarella will remind you of your favorite sports team with chicken, hot sauce, red onions, blue cheese, and buttermilk ranch. The Spicy Mario is for spice lovers everywhere; expect to find pepperoni, spicy sausage, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, Calabrian chilis, and red sauce. Each of our pizzas feature the perfect ratio of crust and toppings for a delicious bite every time.

Pasta Bars

Another great way to have our food catering for quinceaneras is through our brand-new pasta bar that is exclusive to our catering services. This option allows you to set up a pasta bar table where one of our chefs can serve your guests. You get to choose how it is set up too. You are able to choose between two sauces that include alfredo sauce, marfcateringinara, and pesto. Next up is picking the pasta between penne pasta and rigatoni. Also choose a protein that includes chicken and sausage. Last but not least are the toppings that include parmesan cheese, red chili flakes, roasted red peppers, caramelized onion, and fresh basil. That makes for one incredible pasta bar found nowhere else!

Add on a Side

By choosing our quinceanera food catering service you will have full access to our food truck and catering menu. This means all of our delicious sides can also be provided. Our sides include our crunchy salads such as the Oak Wood Chop and Caprese Salad. You can start your meal with a starter too. The caprese skewers are a great way to enjoy a caprese salad but on a skewer. The bruschetta bread options feature toasted bread with hearty toppings. The charcuterie board is an instant favorite at your table. The spinach and artichoke parmesan dip comes served with flat bread. Each of these options have been instant classics with our customers. We can also take care of your drink and dessert needs too. Each sweet treat is individual sized so you can enjoy it on your own. Our drinks feature canned soda, glass bottle soda, bottled water, and our house made lemonade that is served in a mason jar. Yum!

Ways to Cater

Oak Wood Fire Pizza has a few different ways to cater your quinceañera. First, we can have our food truck come out to your event. This allows our team to be on hand in person serving up your guests. Simply let everyone order whenever they get hungry in between the festivities. Our team will make each item once ordered to ensure its fresh quality and taste. If your event does not have an outdoor space for the food truck, fret not; we can also prepare your catering order the day of the event and bring it to you. This is the only way to get our pasta bar, but everything will arrive hot and ready to eat. You simply cannot beat our catering services here in Phoenix!

Let Us Cater Your Quinceañera

As you can see, our food catering for quinceaneras is superb. Oak Wood Fire Pizza can cater any special event found anywhere in the Phoenix Valley. This includes birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, and much more. Place your catering order today and get ready for your next special event.


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