Arizona Halloween Party Catering

Arizona Halloween Party Catering

When it comes to attending a Halloween party, the one thing you do not want to be scared about is the food. Instead of leaving your guests guessing should they take the last bite of an appetizer provide them with a delicious and memorable catering service this Halloween. Oak Wood Fire Pizza provides some of the best pizza in the entire Phoenix Valley and is the perfect addition to your next Halloween party. We understand that Halloween is always a popular holiday that everyone looks forward to year after year. Our team will make sure your next party is one to remember. Take a look at how our catering services can make your Arizona Halloween party the best it can be:

Fresh Pizza, Never Scary

The trick to our tasty pizza offerings is all in the name. Oak Wood Fire Pizza uses a special wood fire oven that provides the perfect mix of crunchy crust and gooey cheese in every bite. We start our pizzas off all the same by scratch and made in-house. We make our pizza dough fresh every day and toss it to the perfect shape. It is then covered in our house made pizza sauce and then covered in a variety of cheeses and fresh toppings. Nothing is ever frozen ensuring a fresh and quality bite to your pizza. When planning for your Halloween party you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how many different options we can provide for your party. Our entire food truck menu is available for you to choose from. Try out something simple such as the pepperoni pizza that is covered in you guessed it, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. The Spicy Mario adds a little heat to our pizza formula by throwing on Calabrian chilis, ricotta cheese, and our tasty spicy sausage. The Funghi gets a little weird with a combination of cremini, portobello mushrooms, and white truffle oil. The Buffalo Mozzarella is a fan favorite that throws on hot sauce, chicken, buttermilk ranch dressing, blue cheese, and red onions. We have many more pizzas to choose from so simply select your favorite. Each pizza is served as a personal 10” pizza that is easily enjoyed on your own.

Pasta Bar Options

Another great option to throw in for your Halloween party is your very own pasta bar. This popular service sets up a pasta bar at your party where guests can enjoy fresh and delicious pasta with a variety of toppings. You get to select all of the options for your pasta bar too. This includes choosing the pasta itself between penne pasta and rigatoni. We have a few sauces to add on top too including pesto, alfredo, and marinara sauces. Having protein with your pasta is always the preferred choice. You can add on chicken or sausage for a more filling experience. Last but not least is adding on some toppings to round out the pasta bar. This includes roasted red peppers, red chili flakes, caramelized onion, fresh basil, and parmesan cheese. We will serve your guest as they come up to the pasta bar so you have nothing to worry about. Now there is nothing frightening about that!

Add Some Sides

Having sides and more will make your catering experience even more unforgettable. Our menu includes a variety of sides and starters to share among your party. Try out the many bruschetta board options. Items that are easy to share at tables include the artichoke parmesan dip and the charcuterie board. Having some salads on hand is perfect for any dietary restrictions for your guests. Each salad uses fresh and leafy greens with tasty toppings. We make sure to have plenty of drink options too so you do not have to scramble to find any. Choose between a variety of canned soda, bottled water, and our customer favorite house made lemonade.

More Ways to Cater for Halloween

There are two different ways for our team to cater your next Arizona Halloween party. For larger parties that have plenty of outdoor room simply have our food truck join the fun. Our team will take orders from the truck as everyone gets hungry. This is a great way for a little extra excitement among your guests. Smaller or indoor parties can still receive our catering services but through a drop off option. We prepare the food right before the party so it arrives hot and ready to eat. You will see that there is no wrong choice here so instead focus your time on your costume!

Plan for Halloween Today

Halloween is just around the corner, so do not delay in getting your catering services planned out. Simply contact our team to see how our catering services can look like for you. Oak Wood Fire Pizza is here to save Halloween!


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