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Budget Friendly Catering in Phoenix

Budget Friendly Catering in Phoenix

Throughout the year we have a variety of ways to celebrate some big moment or achievement. The best way to do that is to get friends and loved ones together in celebration. Planning for an event can always be a difficult thing, especially when there are so many moving pieces to plan around. One of the most important aspects to planning for an event is the food. No one wants their guests to go hungry, so having a great catering service available will make that easy. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we understand that not all special events have a big budget to plan around for their meal. Luckily, we offer a budget friendly catering in Phoenix that is sure to make your next special event one your guests will never forget. Here are some important details you will find when you choose us for your event: 

Wood Fire Pizza 

If you are looking into our services for your next special event, you may already be aware of our specialty: wood fire pizzas. At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we are known for our delicious wood fire pizzas that are baked to perfection in our special ovens. Each pizza is just as delicious as the last and our food truck menu features a pizza for everyone. We prepare each of our pizzas the same way and from scratch. We prepare the dough fresh each day and hand toss it to form the perfect individual sized pizza. We then cover it in our house made pizza sauce that uses a blend of herbs and spices. We never want your pizza to have a slice with no cheese on it, so we cover them in mozzarella cheese from top to bottom. Finally, we throw on some fresh toppings that are sure to make your pizza one to never forget. 

As mentioned, our pizza truck menu has plenty of options and will be available for your special event. Try out classic favorites such as our margherita or pepperoni pizzas. Our menu also includes unique favorites that are sure to stand out from the other pizza joints out there. Try out our Buffalo Mozzarella pizza that will remind you of your neighborhood bar. This pizza comes topped off with hot sauced covered chicken, buttermilk ranch dressing, blue cheese, and red onions. Spice lovers will rejoice when they order up our Spicy Mario for a little kick to the tongue. This popular pizza comes with spicy sausage, pepperoni, and Calabrian chilis. Our Funghi is great for vegetarians and mushroom lovers; this popular pizza has a variety of portobello mushrooms, cremini, and white truffle oil to round it out. As you can see, there are plenty of options for your guests so they can find something they love. Each pizza is served as a personal 10” pizza so it can be enjoyed solo or with a loved one. 

Buffet Style Pasta Bar 

Another great option for your budget friendly event is having one of our pasta bars be available. Our pasta bars are a delicious option that allows your guests to enjoy this classic Italian dish. You can create the type of pasta served at your event too. When choosing your catering service, you can pick and choose the options for the pasta bar. Choose the pasta from options such as rigatoni and penne pasta. You also choose the sauce with options such as marinara, pesto, and alfredo sauce. There are a variety of toppings to add in too such as red pepper flakes, caramelized onion, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. Last but not least, make sure to select a protein option such as Italian sausage or chicken to add in too. The pasta bar will be run by one of our team members, so you can focus on other parts of your special event.  

Pick Your Catering Service 

We can cater to any budget and that includes being able to choose your catering service type too. Bigger events can take advantage of having our food truck come out to your event. The food truck can take orders from your guests whenever they get hungry. This catering service lets you choose from any of our food truck menu items. Smaller spaces can also utilize our mobile pizza oven. This is essentially our incredible pizza oven but separate from the food truck. Finally, another great option is simply having our team prepare your order and bring it to you hot and ready to eat. This is perfect for indoor or smaller engagements where there is no room for our truck or pizza oven. You have plenty of options to choose from! 

Catering on Any Budget 

We can cater your event on budget! We offer the best catering in phoenix. Simply contact our team today and see what type of catering service will be best for your special event.  


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