Chandler Mobile Pizza Oven Catering

Chandler Mobile Pizza Oven Catering

Here at Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we have been serving up our delicious wood fire pizzas all across the Phoenix Valley. From the West Valley to East Valley, our food truck has been somewhere in your city, serving up the goods. Not only do we participate in food truck events, but we also provide a thorough catering service that will make sure your guests are satisfied. This includes our recently announced mobile pizza oven catering that can be found in the Chandler area. This service is perfect for those who wish to have their pizza cooked on site so all of your guests can see.

Mobile Pizza Oven Catering in Chandler

We want to make things as easy as possible for our guests right here in Chandler. Our mobile pizza oven catering does the trick, as we can place the oven wherever you want it. It is delivered on a mobile trailer, making it easier than ever. Let us place the oven where you would like it. Once everything has been set up, our team will be with you to take orders and prepare the pizzas the moment they are ordered. This means you will not have food sitting around waiting to be eaten. Instead, each pizza will be baked to perfection in our mobile oven right in front of your guests. This catering service allows us to take care of all the food as you worry about all of the other event hosting duties.

Award-Winning Pizza on the Go

Our pizza has been a local favorite for the Phoenix Valley for years now. You can enjoy this incredible pizza at your next event. We do not hold back on the type of pizza being offered. Instead, we offer all of the pizzas available on our food truck menu for your guests to choose from. We have a variety of unique offerings available only at Oak Wood Fire Pizza such as our Funghi with a heaping of healthy mushrooms and veggies. We encourage all guests to take a break from the normal and enjoy our fresh and exciting pizzas at your special event.

Book the Mobile Pizza Oven Today

There is no wrong reason to book our mobile pizza oven catering for your next special event. This service makes it easier than ever to relax with your guests as tasty pizza is baked fresh. Call today and see how the mobile pizza oven can make your special event better than ever.


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