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Menu Spotlight: Crispy Garlic Bread

Menu Spotlight: Crispy Garlic Bread

Have you ever visited a restaurant that you have hyped up for ages, only to be let down when you do not have an appetizer to keep your hunger at bay while waiting for your meal? Trust us, we have all been there and understand our hunger can be demanding especially when you can smell the delicious food! At Oak Wood Fire Pizza, we want our guests to satisfy their Italian food craving from start to finish when they choose our food truck. We offer our own unique twist on crispy garlic bread that can easily be added to any order. This item is the perfect snack or meal starter whenever you choose Oak Wood Fire Pizza.

Fresh Ingredients Done Right

Everything on our food truck menu uses fresh ingredients, including our crispy garlic bread. We prepare this starter in-house, as we handmake the dough every day. Each order of crispy garlic bread is then dosed with a hefty amount of butter and garlic for that rich and decadent flavor you expect of us. Finally, we bake that garlic bread until it has the perfect crunch with every bite. Preparing our crispy garlic bread may sound easy but the love and care we put into our ingredients and process make it a clear winner compared to all of the imitators out there!

Catering in the Phoenix Valley

Now that you have read all about our delicious crispy garlic bread, the next step is to get some in your mouth! Make your next big event a success with our incredible catering service available throughout most of the Phoenix Valley. Expect the same great food for which Oak Wood Fire Pizza is known but tailored to your needs. Our most popular catering service involves having our food truck come out to you. This is perfect for events that have space for us to set up. Let your guests come up to the window and order whenever they feel ready. All of our food truck menus will be available. Each item is still made to order and as fresh as possible. You simply cannot go wrong with this type of catering service!

Another great way to receive our catering service is to have us prepare your order in advance and then have it brought directly to your event. Drop-off catering is great for smaller events and those who want to use their event space for other activities. We will take your order in advance and have it made fresh for you. The food comes to your event hot and ready to eat! We can cater to all kinds of events such as birthday parties, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, and whatever else you can throw our way.

Ordering Our Crispy Garlic Bread from Our Food Truck Menu

As you can see, our crispy garlic bread is a step above the frozen bread you might find elsewhere. Ordering this delicious item is as easy as finding our food truck in the Phoenix Valley. Check out our calendar to plan ahead and figure out where we will be next. Our food truck can also be found at most of the Phoenix Valley food truck festivals and events. Just check out the food truck vendors at your favorite events and see if we’re on the list! Another great way to get our delicious food is by ordering it through our weekly meal prep! Our crispy garlic bread makes for the perfect appetizer to eat before your meal. It has all the crunch and flavor that will kick start your taste buds before the rest of your meal is served; best of all it is extremely easy to eat and be shared among friends or family. Order it with one of our fan-favorite pizzas such as the Spicy Mario or the Funghi. Each pizza is prepared with hand-tossed dough, house-made red sauce, and a hefty dose of cheese and fresh toppings. Drinks and even dessert will be available on the menu allowing you to enjoy a full meal with Oak Wood Fire Pizza any time you find our food truck.

You can also schedule a catering order for your next special event. Our entire food truck menu, including this wonderful treat, is available for catering. We can either be directly set up at your event or prepare the order in advance. Either way, you can expect an incredible loaf of crispy garlic bread made with love every time. To get started on your order simply call 602-526-5493 or email ViviannaD@oakwoodfirepizza.com. Just tell your stomach to hold on for a few more minutes before it is presented with some of the best Italian food in the Phoenix Valley!


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